56,300 QSOs

21 Jan to 1 Feb 2012

Five DXers travelled to Pitcairn & operated for eleven days making 56,300 QSOs

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The Journey to Pitcairn

Operating TX6T/p from Mangareva (OC-063)

VP6T QSL up-date

Bounty Day 2012

Old Radio Station
The VP6T QSL: Nigel G3TXF, Michel FM5CD, Vincent F4BKV, Gilles VE2TZT and Jacques F6BEE on board the yacht "Pitcairn" with their first glimpse of the island of Pitcairn on the far horizon.
Tnx NCDXF! Nigel G3TXF, Jacques F6BEE, Gilles VE2TZT, Vincent F4BKV and Michel FM5CD in their NCDXF tee-shirts. Michel FM5CD operating one of the four stations at VP6T. All stations used Elecraft K3s. There were also four amplifiers.
Vincent F4BKV gives a demonstration of Amateur Radio to our skipper Bernard who brought us to VP6 in on the yacht "Pitcairn". Jacques F6BEE, the chief organiser of the VP6T DX-pedition, operates VP6T on SSB with a fine view across the South Pacific.
Gilles VE2TZT fixes G3TXF's K3 which was suffering from the "12v err - corroded pins" problem. The other three K3s all worked fine. Putting up the 27m high Spidermast for 160m is no joke at the best of times. Even less so on sloping ground on the top of a hill!
The feed point of the 27m high top-hat 160m vertical showing the numerous radials (in aluminium wire) and the matching capacitors. Sunset photo of one of the two Spiderbeams and the 30m vertical. All antennas were at 750 ft above sea level with superb take-off
The second Spiderbeam was mounted next to the house. The lower part of the 80m vertical can be seen on the far left. The mains power on Pitcairn runs only from 8am to 10pm. At all other times we relied on Andrew's generator. It never let us down!
Antenna farm at VP6T (l-r): 80m vertical, 17m SDA, 40m vertical, 30m vertical, Spiderbeam-I, 160m vertical and Spiderbeam-II. Wires, cables and antennas were all shipped from France to Tahiti and from there on to Mangareva in various boxes and cases.
F4BKV, VE2TZT and F6BEE working on the first Spiderbeam antenna. Pitcairn's most well known Amateur Radio ops: Tom Christian VP6TC / Betty VP6YL. Vincent F4BKV and Jacques F6BEE working on the second Spiderbeam antenna.
Our host Andrew Christian with his quad bike at the front of his house perched high on a hill with an excellent take off to EU/USA. The two Spiderbeams and the 80m and 160m verticals can all just be seen in this distant view of the VP6T DX-pedition QTH.
F4BKV, FM5CD and VE2TZT continue to run VP6T pile-ups during a visit to the shack by several Pitcairners. A replica of the "HMS Bounty" is ceremoniously burned each year on "Bounty Day" (23 January) as part of the island's "national day".
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