ZL7G : Chatham Islands : 41,200 net QSOs : 27 Oct to 8 Nov 2016
Seven vertical antennas at ZL7G are visible behind the "Ultimate Hideaway" on the NE side of Chatham Island. Sunrise on Chatham Island (at about 1620z) with the ZL7G 30m vertical in the foreground.
Five Elecraft K3/K3s transceivers were used at ZL7G as well as Justin G4TSH's Elecraft KX3. Chris G3SVL and Mike G3WPH doing the first session (with a Juma PA-1000 amplifier) on 160m during our first sunset.
Don G3XTT (editor "Practical Wireless") operates an Elecraft K3 with a KPA-500 amplifier in the multi-station ZL7G shack. Justin G4TSH operates his Juma PA-1000 amplifier driven by an Elecraft KX3. Together a truly lightweight DX-ped combo!
Don G3BJ, Justin G4TSH and Mike G3WPH operating three of the four stations at ZL7G. Don G3BJ (Elecraft K3 and Juma PA-1000 amp) and Mike G3WPH (Elecraft K3S and KPA-500 amplifier)
Travelling light : the ZL7G team leave the Novotel hotel at Auckland airport with some 400kg of luggage. Air Chathams provides the only air service between the New Zealand main-land and the Chatham Islands.
Checking in at the Air Chathams counter in Auckland airport. Don G3XTT arrives in the Chatham Islands on one of Air Chathams' two sixty-year-old Convair 580 aircraft (ZK-CIE).
Don G3XTT, Chris G3SVL and Don G3BJ load one of the 21 items of checked baggage upon arrival in the Chathams. Hilary G4JKS, Don G3BJ, Justin G4TSH and Don G3XTT, Mike G3WPH and Chris G3SVL enjoying welcome sandwiches.
Locally caught Rock Lobster (seen here with pincers removed) were on the menu at ZL7G. Don G3BJ, Justin G4TSH, Chris G3SVL and Hilary G4JKS at the sign to the "Ultimate Hideway" on the Chatham Islands.
Don G3BJ connects up his Elecraft K3 prior to the start of operations at ZL7G. Bob 5B4AGN makes it into the ZL7G log on RTTY. N1MM was used to good effect with multi-channel decoding on RTTY.
Justin G4TSH, Chris G3SVL and Don G3BJ on the fishing pier at Kaingaroa on the North-East side of the Chatham Islands. Another excellent and welcome meal break for the ZL7G team - all kindly arranged by Hilary G4JKS.
Relaxing in the sunshine during the day-time doldrums on the bands. Local time on the Chatham Islands is 13 hr 45 mn ahead of GMT. Four of the single-band ground-plane verticals used at ZL7G.
Mike G3WPH and Don G3XTT working on the 12m vertical GP antenna which was mounted above the patio. Don G3BJ and Chris G3SVL working on 30m vertical which was mounted close to the building but with a nice take-off.
Mike G3WPH, Chris G3SVL, Don G3XTT and Don G3BJ put the finishing touches to the 30m vertical. The small fishing pier in the village of Kaingaroa on the North-East side of Chatham Island.
Auckland tourists : Hilary G4JKS, Don G3XTT and Chris G3SVL take a ferry ride to an island near Auckland. No, ZL7G were not using a Four Square! This was the name of a restaurant on Waiheke island off Auckland.
ZL7G's 30m vertical and the excellent sea take-off to the North and East from Kaingaroa on Chatham Island. Mike G3WPH, Chris G3SVL and Justin G4TSH in the antenna field at ZL7G.
The antennas were installed on a hill behind the "Ultimate Hideaway". Nigel G3TXF tidily and efficiently winding up a 100m meter drum of cable. Don G3XTT changes a Dunestar filter before another session on 160m.
Chris G3SVL at the base of the 160m antenna at ZL7G with a receive antenna in the back-ground. ZL7G used Win-Test for logging on CW and SSB, but used N1MM on RTTY (N1MM provides multi-channel on RTTY).
Chris G3SVL has a bright-shirt day while operating at ZL7G. Time off and a quick drink at the Kaingoroa Social Club : Don G3XTT, Chris G3SVL, Justin G4TSH and Mike G3WPH.
The ZL7G team assemble at the Kaingoroa social club, which was just a short walk from the ZL7G QTH. Numerous reels of various types of coax cable ready to be packed back into the suitcases following the ZL7G operation.
The "Ultimate Hideaway" is an Amateur Radio friendly location run by local fisherman Chris Morrison on Chatham. Hilary G4JKS, Mike G3WPH, Justin G4TSH and Don G3XTT collecting up the radials from the 80m vertical.
Justin G4TSH, Don G3BJ, Hilary G4JKS, Chris G3SVL, Mike G3WPH and Don G3XTT celebrate completing packing up. Clearing away the 18m pole from the 160m antenna : Don G3BJ, Chris G3SVL, Justin G4TSH and Mike G3WPH.
Single-handedly Don G3XTT brings down one of the 18m masts while Hilary G4JKS looks on. The drive to the airport on Chatham after the ZL7G DX-pedition takes us through the emptiness of the island.
Unloading ZL7G's luggage from the truck at the airport on Chatham. Don G3BJ, Hilary G4JKS, Justin G4TSH, Mike G3WPH, Don G3XTT and Chris G3SVL ready to board Convair 580 ZK-CIF.
Don G3BJ, Chris G3SVL and Mike G3WPH check in ZL7G's twenty-one checked-in items of luggage at Air Chathams. Air Chathams has a small fleet of sixty-year-old Convair 580 propeller aircraft : ZK-CIF was built in 1956.
Don G3BJ boards the flight back to Auckland after the 41,200 QSO ZL7G Chatham Island operation. The Chatham Air Convair 580 ZK-CIF cruises at 24,000 ft on the 2 hour 25 minute flight from the Chathams to Auckland.
Justin G4TSH and Chris G3SVL relax on the Air Chathams flight back to Auckland after the ZL7G DX-pedition. Mike G3WPH follows Hilary G4JKS and Don G3BJ off the Air Chathams flight arriving back in Auckland... ZL7G is over!
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