ZD8XF - Ascension - Feb-Mar 2012
Nigel G3TXF made 1,800 CW QSOs [17m/12m] operating as ZD8XF from Ascension for two days in Feb 2012, while waiting to make the three-day 700 mile voyage to St Helena on the RMS St Helena.
Ascension Island seen from the RMS St Helena while setting sail for the island of St Helena some 700 miles away. Nigel G3TXF operating as ZD8XF with a CW pile-up friendly Kenwood TS590S (no longer using an Elecraft K3 as the DX-ped radio).
Numerous curtain arrays as well as rotatable log-aperiodic antennas can be seen at the BBC relay station on Ascension.
Huge rotatable array - just one of the many antennas on ZD8. Rotatable LPAs are seen in abundance all over Ascension.
ZD8XF collects his licence from the Ascension Island Government
ESA (and Ariane) have a space tracking station on Ascension.
Room 17 at the Obsidian hotel - as used by many visiting ZD8s! The BBC runs a huge HF broadcast relay station on Ascension.
Cable & Witless in their element. Monopoly operator providing no cellular roaming service with any UK mainland operator, but only with C&W Falklands, C&W Seychelles and two US operators! Administratively Ascension island is run by St Helena, hence it is the St Helena Police service that operates on Ascension, and the local bank is the Bank of St Helena.
Container being brought alongside by barge for loading onto the RMS St Helena, prior to setting sail for St Helena (ZD7). There's probably more RF coming out of Ascension than from any other island. ZD8XF's 100w of CW would have made no difference!
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