ZD7XF - St Helena - March 2012
Nigel G3TXF made 16,000 CW QSOs operating from St Helena as ZD7XF in March 2012. A further 12,000 CW QSOs had been made during an earlier visit to St Helena in June 2011.

There were two main purposes of the March 2012 trip:

1. To operate in the 2012 Commonwealth Contest (BERU).

2. To operate as much as possible on CW on 160m and 80m: Some 400 QSOs were made on 160m and 1,300 QSOs on 80m.

The journey to St Helena (ZD7) included a flight from Brize Norton in the UK to Ascension, from where there was short operation as ZD8XF. From Ascension island it's a three day sail to Jamestown on the cargo/passenger ship RMS St Helena.


Bruce ZD7VC at the location used for the two ZD7XF operations. The RMS St Helena can be seen moored off-shore Jamestown. Several verticals (on DX-Wire poles) were used at the hill-side location with a steep drop-off and a good take-off to the North.
Work has commenced on building an airport on St Helena, due to open in early 2015. Their office announces it's "Now boarding!" Bruce ZD7VC's "444" Land Rover parked in the main street in Jamestown, the capital of St Helena.
The Governor's car in Jamestown. No number plate, just a Union Jack and a crown! One of several poles used to support 160m to 10m wire antennas at ZD7XF. Quad antenna at John ZD7JC's downtown QTH in Jamestown.
The excellent sea take-off from Bruce ZD7VC's QTH in Half Tree Hollow high above Jamestown. Ground slopes down to a cliff-top. Bruce ZD7VC in his shack.
The steepness of the gradient at ZD7VC's QTH can be seen from the wall behind. A home constructed multi-section cantilever tower supports ZD7VC's impressive HF beam. Nigel G3TXF (ZD7XF), Peter ZD7FT and Bruce ZD7VC at Peter ZD7FT's QTH.
South African contractors Basil Read are building the UK government funded (£250m) St Helena Airport. The new St Helena Airport is to be built in a remote (and moon-like) area of the island called Prosperous Plain.
Bruce ZD7VC and XYL Charmaine with their Land Rover at Prosperous Plain, the proposed location of the new airport. The 6,000 ton cargo and passenger vessel RMS St Helena seen moored off-shore at Jamestown.
Broadcast receiver on the RMS St Helena used to feed the BBC's World Service on 17640 kHz around the ship. The RMS St Helena, the only means of public transport to St Helena, shuttles between Cape Town, St Helena and Ascension.
Peter ZD7FT and Bruce ZD7VC in ZD7FT's shack.
An antenna insulator enjoying the magnificent view to the North.
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