ZA1DX Convention

Tirana and Durres - Albania - June 2004

The main square in Tirana from the steps of the ZA1UT. Martti OH2BH, Geni ZA1B and Dik ZA1E at the ZA1DX Convention.
Boris T93Y and Pertti OH2PM dismantle Stepp-IR beam on the roof of one of the two Durres ZA1DX hotels. Meeting of ZA1DX Convention delegates with ZA's at a Tirana cafe.
Pertti OH2PM checks the Stepp-IR beam at the Durres hotel sea-side QTH. Roger G3LQP presents DXCC Certificate to Dik ZA1E
Boris T93Y and Martti OH2BH load up antenna into van at end of ZA1DX Convention.
Dik ZA1E and Nigel G3TXF in ZA1E's Tirana QTH.
Pertti OH2PM tunes the amplifier for maximum smoke.
Boris T93Y and Dik ZA1E with Rich K2WR in the background.
Chas W6UM, Roger G3LQP, Martti OH2BH, Boris T93Y, Steve HA5NLI and Pertti OH2PM get set to leave the Durres hotel back to Tirana airport, and then home (but for some, it was home but via Friedrichshafen 2004!) after the successful ZA1DX Convention.
Geni ZA1B and Dik ZA1E with newly presented TS-570D.
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