The relaunch of Amateur radio in Kosovo - 17 September 2012

Eleven Kosovar Amateur Radio operators received new Licences during a seminar organised by the Kosovar Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) in Pristina on Monday 17 September 2012.

Newly licenced Kosovar Amateur Radio operators proudly display their licences at the 17 September 2012 ceremony: Mustafa Z61LA, Avni Z61AJ, Feti Z61FF, Ali Z61DD, Sabit Z61AA (President of SHRAK), Agim Z61AS, Vjollca Z61VB, Avni Z61BA, Naim Z61NS and Driton Z61DX.
The Kosovar Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) produced a booklet which provides an outline of Amateur Radio. The booklet describes the licensing of Amateur in Kosovo and in particular mentions the Government of Kosovo's adoption of a decision on 29 August 2012 determining that the unique prefix for Amateur Radio in Kosovo is Z6.
A celebratory dinner hosted by the Kosovar Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) for new licencees and visiting DXers.
Reviewing the prospects of Amateur Radio's potential for the youth of the Republic of Kosovo:

From left: Mr Ekrem Hoxha, CEO of TRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority); Mr Nikola Perci, Executive Committee Member, IARU R1; Mr Martti Laine, Coordinator of Mission Goodwill Kosovo; Mr Besim Beqaj, Minister of Economic Development; Mr Hans Blondeel Timmerman, President of IARU R1; Mr Bob Barden of the United States, and Mr Besnik Berisha, Board Member, TRA.

Newly licensed Ali Z61DD listens to the radio as Bob N2BB/MD0CCE looks on.
Z60K's wire dipole antennas can just be seen here on the side of the Emerald Hotel. Martti OH2BH and Pekka OH2TA in front of the EU building in Pristina.
IARU Region 1 President Hans PB2T receives the special event Z60K licence from TRA Chairman-CEO Ekrem Hoxha Vjollca Z61VB receives her new Amateur Radio licence at the ceremony run by the Kosovar Telecoms Regulator (TRA). Z60K's 30m and 17m vertical antennas on the roof of the Emerald Hotel located on the outskirts of the Kosovar capital, Pristina.
Feti Z61FF, Avni Z61AJ, Pekka OH2TA, Martti OH2BH, Bob N2BB/MD0CCE, Jorma OH2KI, Ali Z61DD and Nigel G3TXF on the steps of the new national theatre in Pristina. The recently built five-star Emerald Hotel was the location of two of the three Z60K stations. The 30m and 17m verticals can been seen on the top of the roof of the hotel. A dipole hangs off the right side.
Two 10m fibreglass poles on the roof of the Emerald Hotel. On the left is a 17m vertical dipole and on the right a 30m vertical with a single radial running across the roof. Local noise levels were high. Bee-keeping is booming in Kosovo. Isle of Man bee-keeper Bob N2BB is surprised to find there's a two-day honey market taking place on the main street of Pristina.
Bob N2BB/MD0CCE outlines the contents of the RSGB's Amateur Radio Yearbook during the TRA organised seminar in Pristina. Bob N2BB/MD0CCE with Visar Halimi, head of the Frequency Management Department of the Kosovar TRA, during the seminar to mark the relaunch of Amateur Radio in Kosovo.
Martti OH2BH and IARU Region 1 President Hans PB2T look on while Driton Z61DX makes some QSOs at the Z60K demonstration and special event station, marking the relaunch of Amateur Radio. Jorma OH2KI runs a pile-up with an Elecraft K3 and WinTest software at the Z60K special event station. Two K3 stations were operating from separate rooms in the Emerald Hotel.
Pekka OH2TA and Martti OH2BH showing the licence and the "Z60K momento QSL" designed for the special event. TRA Chairman Ekrem Hoxha and IARU Region 1 President Hans PB2T exchange gifts at the celebratory dinner
Avni Z61BA listens to the bands at Z60K.
Advertising hoardings in downtown Pristina. Vjollca Z61VB : Kosovo's first YL Operator.
Feti Z61FF and IARU Region 1 President Hans PB2T during the Kosovar Telecoms Regulator's licence presentation ceremony. Pekka OH2TA, Feti Z61FF, Avni Z61AJ, Jorma OH2KI, Ali Z61DD, Martti OH2BH and Bob N2BB/MD0CCE in Pristina.
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