Kosova : Operation Goodwill : Feb 2008 : YU8/OH2R

A DX-team of six (led by Martti OH2BH, with Pertti OH2PM, Juha OH8NC, Wayne N7NG, Bernie W3UR and Nigel G3TXF) started operation as YU8/OH2R from Pristina the capital of Kosova on the same day (Sunday, 17 February 2008) that Kosova declared its independence and became the world's newest country. Kosova's independence was immediately recognised by the US.
A Stepp Big-IR vertical (on the left) and another multi-band vertical were mounted on the roof of the Grand Hotel, Prishtina.
A Stepp Big-IR 40m-10m vertical was perched high on the roof of the Hotel Victory in Pristina, Kosova. There were two different YU8/OH2R locations: the Grand Hotel and the Hotel Victory.
Bernie W3UR and Wayne N7NG with Statue of Liberty on the roof of Hotel Victory during "Operation Goodwill Kosovo".
During the Kosova independence celebrations on Sunday, 17 February 2008 there were many crowds in the streets of Pristina. Martti OH2BH, Wayne N7NG and Bernie W3UR make a courtesy visit to the UNMIK Frequency Management Office in Pristina.
Wayne N7NG tunes across the YU8/OH2R pile-ups at the Hotel Victory station : Yaesu 1k-MP-MkV with Stepp-IR vertical. "Newborn" Kosova Independence day celebrations as seen from the window of the YU8/OH2R shack in the Grand Hotel, Prishtina.
Pertti OH2PM and Martti OH2BH with the equipment for the two stations in the Grand Hotel, a including Stepp-IR vertical. Pertti OH2PM checks the grey-line propagation at the Hotel Victory YU8/OH2R station. Logging software : Win-Test.
Juha OH8NC takes photos of the celebrating crowds on Kosova's independence declaration day : Sunday, 17 February 2008. View across Prishtina from the Hotel Victory, including a minaret, a multi-coloured apartment block and a Kosova Petrol station.
Group at Hotel Victory : Pertti OH2PM, Nigel G3TXF, Martti OH2BH, Juha OH8NC, Wayne N7NG and Bernie W3UR. Mr Fazli Shala, head of the Frequency Management Office at UNMIK who issued the operating licences and the callsigns.
Stepp-IR vertical and a miniature Statue of Liberty (plus a cell-site and a satellite dish) are all perched on roof of the Hotel Victory. Bernie W3UR and Wayne N7NG at Pristina Airport, Kosova.
Bernie W3UR (the Daily DX editor) at the Hotel Victory YU8/OH2R station. After a hectic journey via Gatwick, Bernie W3UR arrives at Pristina airport with a Stepp-IR vertical and much other luggage.
The antenna team on the roof of Hotel Victory : Wayne N7NG, Bernie W3UR and Pertti OH2PM. Photo : Martti OH2BH. Nigel G3TXF (l) and Wayne N7NG (r) meeting with top LZ-DXer Boyan LZ1BJ who has operated for several years as YU8/LZ1BJ.
Kosova Language School I : American School of Kosova Kosova Language School II : Britannica English School
Independence Day flag-waving in the streets of Pristina. Juha OH8NC is in the "taxi". The driver has just bought a flag to wave. Independence Day flag-waving in the streets of Pristina. A US flag can be seen in amongst the other flags, by the KFOR poster
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