Taipa - AS-075 - Macau - Oct 94

Operating for seven days as XX9TSX and XX9TXF from the Hyatt Hotel on Taipa Island (IOTA AS-075), Roger G3SXW and Nigel G3TXF made 10,155 CW QSOs. Roger XX9TSX concentrated on the nornal HF bands, but particularly on 80m and 40m, whereas Nigel XX9TXF worked the WARC bands. Topband (160m) activity was shared.
Special thanks are due to Alberto XX9AS and to Martti VR2BH (OH2BH) who made this operation possible.

Two Yaesu 990s and two Alphas (one 86 and one 89) were used, and the antennas were on the hotel roof some 130ft high at the edge of the sea.

For 160m the antenna was an inverted-vee dipole with the apex at 130ft, for 80m/40m an HF2V and for the WARC bands and A3WS with 10MHz extension. For the HF bands an A3S was used.

Alberto XX9AS's energy and enthusiasm for Amateur radio was a key factor in helping to get the XX9TSX-XX9TXF operation on the air for a most enjoyable week of CW pile-ups in Macau.

IOTA DX-pedition ..... a short drive across the bridge from the Macau mainland to the islands of Taipa and Coloane (AS-075) A3WS WARC-beam (with 10MHz) used by XX9TXF mounted on a short pole on top of the hotel roof at about 40m above street level.
Alberto XX9AS, Roger G3SXW and Martti OH2BH discussing logistics at the hotel. Roof-mounted HF2V 40m/80m vertical at about 40m above street and water level. Trolley-service for the antennas, poles and transceiver suitcases outside the hotel.
The amount of building construction going on in Macau was unbelievable. Huge pile-drivers were in action outside the shack.
Nigel G3TXF and Alberto XX9AS check out the equipment to be used by XX9TXF during the short operation from Macau.
Full-service shack : there was no "roughing it" on this trip -- note the tea and fruit served on a tray right by the XX9TXF station. Pent-house operation: XX9TSX and XX9TXF in a large shack-room on the top of the hotel with a view across numerous building sites.
The 20-15-10m rotary dipole used by XX9TSX can just be seen in the shadow to the left of a neighbouring high-rise block on Taipa. Nigel XX9TXF, Alberto XX9AS and Roger XX9TSX on the roof of the hotel with a fine view over Macau and beyond to China.
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