Mangareva - IOTA OC-063
4,000 QSOs were made from Rikitea on Mangareva Island [Gambier Islands] by Vincent F4BKV and Nigel G3TXF on the journey back from the VP6T operation on Pitcairn

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Operating VP6T

Journey to Pitcairn

VP6T QSL up-date

Bounty Day 2012

Old Radio Station Pitcairn

Refuelling of the Air Tahiti ATR-72 is done directly from fuel barrels which are connected to each other with earthing straps. While transiting in Tahiti on the way to Pitcairn some 1,400 QSOs were made from the Royal Tahitien Hotel near Papeete as TX6T.
The cathedral in Rikitea has been recently totally rebuilt and modernised. Vertical antennas at the Bonita et Benoit guest-house on the hill-side outside Rikitea. For 12m CW a simple vertical dipole was attached to a 10m high fibre-glass pole.
The G3TXF operating position for 12m CW at TX6T/p. Vincent F4BKV operated on 15m SSB with a separate station. Gilles VE2TZT, Jacques F6BEE and Vincent F4BKV load up the truck for the short journey to the Air Tahiti office in Rikitea.
Michel FM5CD, Gilles VE2TZT, Jacques F6BEE and Vincent F4BKV queue up outside the miniscule Air Tahiti office in Rikitea. Because of its weight, much of the VP6T luggage was sent by accompanied air-freight rather than as normal airline luggage.
Fire engine on the tarmac at Totegegie airport (GMR), which is a 45 minute ferry ride from Rikitea. There is only one flight per week. There was a local noise problem on the LF bands, hence the TX6T/p OC-063 operation was mainly on 15m SSB and 12m CW.
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