V85XF Brunei : Sep 92 + Sep 93
A total of 11,759 CW QSOs have been made operating as V85XF in Brunei, during two brief visits; one in September 92 and the other in September 93.

Both operations were from the QTH of Peter V85PB (G3ZSS) in Seria. Special thanks to Peter V85PB for the use of his excellent QTH on the edge of the South China Sea

Peter G3ZSS operates as V85PB in Seria
Nigel G3TXF guest-op'ed as V85XF at V85PB in both Sep 92 and Sep 93
Peter V85PB works on the 40m/80m GAP vertical
HF Tribander and WARC beam on tower at V85PB
Peter V85PB and the installed GAP 40m/80m vertical
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