Antigua - Commonwealth Contest 2007 : V25XF
Nigel G3TXF operated as V25XF from Antigua for the 2007 Commonwealth Contest (BERU).

1,074 net QSOs were made in BERU and 926 other Q's in pile-ups, totalling exactly 2,000 QSOs for the slightly less than two-day visit to the V26B Contest Station. The photo (above right) shows the main operating position at V26B with various memorabilia from the many previous V2 contest/DX-ped operations from this QTH posted on the shack wall.

The Kenwood TS570DG and Acom 1010 linear used by
V25XF are on the right and the bank of V26B antenna control boxes are in the centre of the operating table.

The 4/4/4 10m stack with the lower beam fixed on the USA, the middle fixed on Europe and the top beam rotatable. The 5/5 15m stack. Top beam is rotatable, the lower 5-el beam is fixed on the USA. Two shorty-forties (Cushcraft 40-2CDs) beams are used on 40m, with the lower fixed on the USA and the upper rotatable.
A bewildering array of rotators and stack switch boxes is the central point at V26B. The Telecoms Division is both efficient and friendly in providing visitors with V2 Licences. The V2 Licence fee has to be paid to the local Inland Revenue (tax office) in St John.
The V26B shack is in the bungalow on the left. The antenna towers visible (from left to right) are 6m, 40m, 10m and 15m. The V26B contest station is next to a builders' yard and cement business. 40m tower on the left and 10m stack in the distance.
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