TX4T - Tahiti - French Polynesia
G3TXF joined Jacques F6BEE, Phil FO8RZ and Gilles VE2TZT (VA2EW) on the TX4T French Polynesia operation during the first week of their two-week operation from 9 Feb to 25 Feb.

See Laurent F1JKJ's excellent TX4T web-site for full details of this DX-pedition to French Polynesia.

Here are a few photos to set the scene at the
TX4T location which was right on the sea, facing north on the peninsula to the east of the island of Tahiti.

The full
TX4T logs will be up-loaded to LoTW soon after the end of the operation. An initial 23,000 QSOs were already up-loaded to LoTW after the first week. Ham Radio 2010 Slide Show


Gilles VE2TZT and Jacques F6BEE adjusting the 80m phasing box (for the two element array) while talking to the shack on 2m. View towards the west (South America) with the base of the 26m tall 160m vertical and the Spiderbeam HF beam in view.
Jacques F6BEE and Gilles VE2TZT operating two of the three Elecraft K3s used during the TX4T operation. Visit by William FO5JV (in cap). FO5JV has a huge station (16-el LPA) in the south and works Europe primarily on the Long-Path.
There were 16 quarterwave radials (in aluminium wire) laid out neatly around the base of each of the two elements of the 80m array. Multi-element horizontal Spiderbeam HF beam with a clear sea take-off to both the USA and Europe.
Looking up the 26m Spider-pole used for the 160m vertical. The 30m vertical with four elevated radials is perched right on the edge of the Pacific. The radial patch-panel on the 40m vertical which was also used to good effect on 15m.
Nigel G3TXF operating a K3 on 30m. Note that the Win-Test log is showing the imminent arrival of the Grey-Line! The Win-Test logs at the three stations were connected through a wifi network. Win-Test is extremely robust when used in networks.
TX4T operators: Nigel G3TXF, Jacques F6BEE, Phil FO8RZ and Gilles VE2TZT. 26m Spiderpole (160m ant) was a challenge to erect, but once up it looks superb! Five poles: 160m vertical in foreground, two for 80m, 17m vertical and 30m in distance.
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