A day visit to San Marino and the ARRSM club-station

Thanks to Tony T77C and Julian T77J a short CW operation was made from the ARRSM club-station in San Marino. The brief visit coincided with the 2008 WAE-CW Contest. The special guest-op QSL was quickly and efficiently designed by Gennady UX5UO. Cards for all contacts will be sent via the Bureau.
Tony T77C and Julian T77J in front of the ARRSM club station building T70A, located on a ridge with a view out to the Adriatic. An HF log periodic multi-band beam is one of the two HF beams at the T70A club-station in San Marino.
The mail-box on the front gate of the ARRSM San Marino club-station site. The Adriatic is just visible in the far distance. John T77CD and Tony T77C. Tony T77C (ex M1C) is the long time San Marino CW flag carrier with some 500k QSOs in his log.
Tony T77C and Rene T77GR in the T70A shack. The main HF station equipment is a TS950DX and a TL922 amplifier Tony T77C and John T77CD with the HF beam at T70A. Two of the three towers of San Marino can just be seen in the far distance.
Nazzareno T77NC closes the gate at the impressive ARRSM club-station site located on a high ridge in the San Marino countryside. Nigel G3TXF making some 600 CW QSOs as T70A during a short daytime visit to the ARRSM club-station with Tony T77C.

HF trapped beam at T70A with a 6m antenna above. Part of an inverted-L for 80m can be seen on the right.

Nazzareno T77NC, Julian T77J (ex M1J) and Tony T77C (ex M1C) at the ARRSM club station T70A.
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