Contesting from Shetland

Ian G3WVG has made ten trips to operate contests from Shetland. Nigel G3TXF has made six contest trips to Shetland. Several CQWW CW operations have been from the Eshaness Lighthouse, often a wild windswept location in late November.

For CQWW CW 2016 : Ian G3WVG operated as MZ5B on 160m (SOSB) and Nigel G3TXF as MZ5A on 40m (SOSB).

CQWW CW Contest
Nov 2001 : MZ5A : G3WVG + G3TXF
Nov 2006 : MZ5A : G3WVG
Nov 2007 : MZ5B : G3WVG + GW4BLE
Nov 2009 : MZ5B : G3WVG
Nov 2012 : MZ5B : G3WVG
Nov 2013 : MZ5B : G3WVG
Nov 2015 : MZ5B : G3WVG + G3TXF
Nov 2016 : MZ5B : G3WVG + G3TXF

IOTA Contest
Jul 2013 : MZ5A : G3WVG + G3TXF
Jul 2015 : GM4S : G3WVG + G3TXF

RSGB 160m Contest
Nov 2006 : GM3TXF/p : G3TXF

The Eshaness Lighthouse in a November Grey Line with the MZ5B 80m vertical for CQWW CW in 2013. The 60 deg North latitude line cuts through Shetland, with a blizzard at the lighthouse...>
Ian G3WVG, Hans DJ6AU / MM0XAU and Nigel G3TXF meet up for dinner in the Shetland Hotel after the 2015 IOTA Contest. Spectacular sea-scape near the Eshaness Lighthouse on the west coast of Mainland, the largest island in Shetland.
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