SV5 - SV9 - Flying visits to Rhodes and Crete
Roger G3SXW and Nigel G3TXF flew from London via Athens to SV5 and then to SV9 for short operations from each DXCC. Arriving in Rhodes (SV5) on an Olympic Air Dash-8. The Turkish (TA) coastline can be seen clearly just 18km across the water.
A 20m dipole is quickly strung out from the roof of the Hotel Pylea down to ground level. The operating room was on the ground-floor. Roger SV5/G3SXW with his K2 and ETM-9 keyer running a CW pile-up on 20m from Rhodes in amongst the WAG Contest.
The hotel on Rhodes was close to the airport. As planes thundered overhead it was impossible to hear anything at all on the radio! The Elecraft K2 makes an ideal radio for super-light DX-trips. All the gear and the antenna were carried on board as hand-luggage.
The grounds at the Hotel Pylea on Rhodes. SV5/G3SXW made 190 QSOs and SV5/G3TXF 260 QSOs (total 450 CW QSOs) on 20m. End of season guest: Roger SV5/G3SXW is the last guest to leave the Hotel Pylea on Rhodes before it closed for the winter.
On Crete (SV9) the 20m dipole was strung out from the balcony. Fortunately the shack was the highest room in the hotel complex. Roger SV9/G3SXW is paper logging while running a pile-up from Crete. The small PC with WinTest was used by SV9/G3TXF.
View to the north (and Dhia island) from the SV9/G3SXW and SV9/G3TXF shack balcony at the Rinela Beach Hotel on Crete. The centre of the 20m dipole was fixed to the wooden balcony with tape. 1,090 CW QSOs were made on 20m from SV9-Crete.
Room 331 at the Rinela Beach hotel was the QTH for the SV9/G3SXW and SV9/G3TXF mini DX-pedition operation. Three internal flights were taken on Olympic Air. This UK registered Dash-8 appears to be on a dry lease from Fly Be in the UK.
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