PJ6/G3TXF - Saba - December 2015
Nigel G3TXF made 6,685 CW QSOs operating for just over six days in December 2015 from Saba as PJ6/G3TXF. This included the ARRL 10m Contest.

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Saba PJ6 as seen in the distance from Sint Maarten PJ7. The highest point on Saba (Mount Scenery 887m) is usually in cloud. Winair takes passengers for the 13 minute flight from Sint Maarten PJ7 to Saba PJ6 in small DHC-6-300 aircraft.
View on take-off from Sint Maarten PJ7 towards French Saint Martin FS with the summit Pic du Paradis visible in the distance. Saba Airport (SAB) : the locals claim their 1,300ft (400m) runway is the shortest commercial airport runway anywhere in the world.
Many houses on Saba have a common style with white walls, red roofs and green shutters. Saba is pleasantly under developed. Nigel PJ6/G3TXF operating from Saba on CW with an Elecraft K3S and KPA-500 amplifier, and using WinTest for logging.
PJ6/G3TXF used wire dipoles for 30m-17m-12m before the contest and a 10m wire dipole for the ARRL 10m DX Contest. Saba's tiny airport is visible some 1,400ft below the PJ6/G3TXF QTH. This excellent restaurant was just 300m along the road from the rental location that PJ6/G3TXF was using on Saba. Brigadoon was highly recommended by Mike G4IUF who visited Saba recently.
A small Winair DHC-6-300 aircraft reaches the far end of the runway on take-off with just a few metres to spare .... ... before just making it up into the sky. The payload of departing aircraft is carefully checked each time. There's no room for error!
Take-off to Europe (and Middle East/Africa) was fantastic with a 400m drop into the sea. The church in Windwardside the main village on the Dutch Caribbean island of Saba. Take-off to USA and Japan (on shortpath) severely blocked by a hill behind the QTH.
Winair flies from Sint Maarten to several other Caribbean islands. The flight control and navigation panel of Winair DHC-6-300 aircraft PJ-WIJ. Winair's inflight magazine - no time to read it on the 13 minute flight from PJ6 to PJ7!
Hiking on the mountain trails is one of the few things there is for tourists to do on Saba. There are no beaches. The 887m high summit of Mount Scenery (which is "the highest mountain in the Netherlands") is often in cloud. Trails go to the top.
Flying DXer N5XR? Spotted parked at Sint Maarten airport (just behind the Winair DHC-6) an aircraft with the registration : N5XR. Jeff NM1Y's contest QTH on Saba is situated in an ideal location for working the USA, Japan and Europe. Roger G3SXW and Rob GM3YTS will be joining Jeff NM1Y, Bob K4UEE, Tim K5AC and Gregg W6IZT for the ARRL CW Contest in February 2016.
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