PJ2G - Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles
Nigel G3TXF operated as PJ2G from the Caribbean Contesting Consortium (PJ2T) QTH on Curaçao (SA-006) during the 2007 WAE-CW Contest. Non-contest QSOs were made as PJ2/G3TXF. 1,600 CW QSOs were made during this short operation. QSL via G3TXF.
Curaçao is close to Venezuela. On a clear day the Venezuelan coast is just visible from the PJ2T site on the South of the Island. Three towers at the PJ2T site - 100ft "EU tower" on left, the lower WARC tower in middle and the 80ft "USA tower" on the right.
The PJ2T antenna farm is perched on the South-West side of Curaçao. Europe is to the North-East, right across the island. View towards Europe: there's a 100ft rock escarpment followed by several miles of continuously rising ground across the island.
The 100ft "Europe" tower on the left has large 10m-15m-20m-40m beams. The 80ft "US tower" on the right also has beams, but fixed on the USA. The take-off to the US/Japan is over slightly rising ground, but is relatively much less challenging than the immediate and steep uphill take-off towards Europe. The original tower on the site is the smaller one in the centre supporting a WARC beam. One of the four stations at PJ2T: this is the main single-op position as used by PJ2G for the WAE-CW Contest. Although WriteLog is the standard logging program at PJ2T, PJ2G used Win-Test which has an ever expanding reputation as a reliable contest logging program for "ex-CT users". Stack Match boxes are used to switch the fixed monoband beams between "Europe" and "USA".
"Which band now, Sir?" A well designed antenna switch system provides flexibility between each of the operating positions and the various fixed and rotating beams. The seven fixed monoband beams at PJ2T are impressive. A huge amount of work is involved in maintaining the towers and antennas at the salty ocean-side location. Mail-box at 1 Groot Santa Marta, the home of PJ2T - Caribbean Contesting Consortium. The CCC team have crammed many large antennas into a relatively small plot!
Up the tower. Looking up one of the three self-supporting towers at PJ2T. The "US tower" has fixed beams for 10m, 15m and 20m as well as a rotatable CL33 tri-bander for multi-spotting etc. PJ2 sunset in the West: The Signal Point location of PJ2T is on the southern side of the island. The two main directions of interest NW (USA/Japan) and NE (Europe) are both across the island.
Curaçao with the capital city Willemstad on the south of the island, and with the PJ2T site located further along to the west. Spectacular views along the south coast of Curaçao are seen through the shack windows at PJ2T.
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