PJ2/G3TXF - Curaçao : IOTA SA-099
Nigel G3TXF made 3,300 CW QSOs operating as PJ2/G3TXF during a two day visit in September 2013 to the magnificent Caribbean Contesting Consortium (PJ2T) QTH on Curaçao (SA-099). Curaçao's 'new' IOTA number dates from 10-10-10.

QSL via G3TXF : Logs and OQRS QSLing on ClubLog : PJ2/G3TXF

Two of the several towers at PJ2T's oceanside location on Curaçao. Triplexer (three radios and amps all into one triband antenna!) and antenna switching. So how many 'elements' can you count here on this PJ2T tower?
Wayne K8LEE at the Nr 1 operating position at the PJ2T Caribbean Contesting Consortium station on Curaçao. The effectiveness of the two Beverages (EU and USA) used at PJ2T just has to be heard to be believed. Just incredible!
The front gate at PJ2T. The PJ2T team have crammed a lot of antennas into a relatively small plot, as well as putting a tri-band beam on top of the ridge in order to get a better shot to Europe. It's a short twenty minute hop from Bonaire (PJ4) across to Curaçao (PJ2) in InselAir's Fokker 50 : PJ-KVK.
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