Four very small CW operations in October 2013

PA/G3TXF/p [EU-146], HB0/G3TXF/p, IN3/G3TXF/p and OK/G3TXF/p

During October 2013 Nigel G3TXF made four very small CW operations : PA/G3TXF/p from one of the Zuid Holland group of islands (Schouwen Duiveland) EU-146, HB0/G3TXF/p from the car-park in Gaflei at 1,400m in Liechtenstein, IN3/G3TXF/p from the edge of the Reschensee just over the border from Austria (OE7) in the German-speaking part of Italy (IN3 Süd Tirol) and finally as OK/G3TXF/p from the edge a field just inside the Czech Republic, a few kilometres from the border with Austria (OE5).

QSL via G3TXF : Logs and OQRS QSLing on ClubLog : PA/G3TXF/p : HB0/G3TXF/p : IN3/G3TXF/p : OK/G3TXF/p

PA/G3TXF/p : the 53m tall Westerlichttoren lighthouse on Schouwen Duiveland island. HB0 : The Honda E10 generator provides a convenient source of power ...... anywhere! Magnificent views from the HB0/G3TXF/p car park location in Gaflei, Liechtenstein.
PA/G3TXF/p : A vast, empty and chilly North Sea beach on the island of Schouwen Duiveland [EU-146]. PA/G3TXF/p : The short IOTA EU-146 operation was made from an indoor location (with a Kenwood TS-590) close to the lighthouse.
PA/G3TXF/p : Haamstede (on the island of Schouwen-Duiveland) could perhaps be roughly translated as "Ham Town"? HB0/G3TXF/p : The car-park in Gaflei Liechtenstein, at about 1,400m asl, provides an excellent take-off to the west.
IN3 : Reschensee is an artifical hydro-electric lake. A village (apart from this church spire!) was lost when the lake was originally filled.
The OK/G3TXF/p operation was from by the side of the road next to a field close to the village of Zdíky just inside the Czech Republic.
For OK/G3TXF/p a pole (with 17m dipole) was strapped to a convenient fence post! Three mini CW ops were made using the
TS-590 in the back seat of the car: G3TXF
IN3/G3TXF/p was from the edge of the Lake of Reschen just inside northern Italy.
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