OX/G3TXF - Kangerlussuaq - Greenland - 67°N
Nigel G3TXF operated as OX/G3TXF in the 2008 WAE RTTY Contest from the OX2A club-station in Kangerlussuaq (Søndre Strømfjord) on the west coast of Greenland.

560 QSOs were made in the WAE RTTY Contest and another 1,170 QSOs were made on CW during the short visit to Greenland.

Many thanks to Jesper OX3KQ and to Holger OX3HI who kindly provided the use of their OX2A club-station located on the top of Black Ridge just outside Kangerlussuaq.

Jesper OX3KQ and Holger OX3HI in their office but with a good view of the Black Ridge OX2A location through the window.
OX2A is at the same location as the old XP1AB station
During the winter months it is only Air Greenland that flies to Kangerlussuaq (SFJ) from Copenhagen (CPH). The four-hour flight from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq passes near to Shetland and to the Faeroes, and then overflies Iceland.
Jesper OX3KQ's magnificent 80m full-size vertical is perched high on a ridge. A home-made wind-up mast is used to support two switchable 40m dipoles. Signpost at Kangerlussuaq airport. The airport is primarily an interchange airport.
Magnificent view towards the East (and Europe) as seen by the 20m-17m beam from the top of the wooden platform. One of several commercial discone antennas along the road from the OX2A club-station.
Jesper OX3KQ at the base of the wooden platform outside the OX2A shack. The 80m vertical can just be seen in the far distance. Jesper OX3KQ with a four-wheel drive vehicle next to an aviation radar station on top of a mountain near to Kangerlussuaq.
Nigel OX/G3TXF dwarfed by one of the several huge disused tropo antennas left behind by Uncle Sam. Nigel OX/G3TXF operating a CW pile-up from the warmth and comfort of the OX2A (formerly XP1AB) shack.
The OX2A club-station building is fully protected from the weather. Winter view of area around OX2A club-station (Photo Jesper OX3KQ)
Jesper OX3KQ doing CQWW SSB Contest (Photo Jesper OX3KQ) OX2A club-station with dipoles and HF beam (Photo Jesper OX3KQ)
Full-size 80m vertical at OX2A club-station (Photo Jesper OX3KQ) Holger OX3HI and Bo OX3LX with 6m antennas (Photo Finn OZ7YY)
View down to Kangerlussuaq in summertime (Photo Finn OZ7YY) 3-el 20m beam with club station OX2A behind (Photo Finn OZ7YY)
40m crossed dipoles and beam at OX2A (Photo Jesper OX3KQ) Discone antenna near the OX2A site (Photo Jesper OX3KQ)
An icy full-size 80m vertical at OX2A (Photo Jesper OX3KQ) New 20m/17m 3-el beam designed by OX3KQ (Photo Jesper OX3KQ)
New 20m/17m 3-el beam on Versatower (Photo Jesper OX3KQ) Feeder system of new 20m/17m 3-el beam (Photo Jesper OX3KQ)
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