2012 IOTA Contest : Market Reef : EU-053

Teemu SM0W, Tore SM0T, Don G3XTT and Nigel G3TXF travel to Market Reef for the IOTA Contest
Our first view of Market Reef (OJ0). The three buildings: store house, power generator house and the main light-house building. IOTA Contest operators at OJ0R on Market Reef : Nigel G3TXF, Teemu SM0W, Don G3XTT and Tore SM0T.
Teemu SM0W assembles the five-band HF vertical antenna fed through 150m of coax. Tore SM0T and Don G3XTT hold antenna while Teemu SM0W ties off a guy rope. Teemu SM0W prepares the wires for the radials for the 40m/80m HF2V vertical.
Tore SM0T and Teemu SM0W fix the guy ropes to the five-band vertical while Don G3XTT enjoys the warm sunshine on Market. All calm on OJ0: Don G3XTT, a passing catamaran and the newly installed five-band antenna on Market Reef.
The Åland Island flag fles on Market Reef, next to the shower house. The Finnish Lighthouse Society (FLS) takes great care both of the lighthouse and of the visitors to Market Reef.
The light at the top of the Market Reef lighthouse. A small cellular radio antenna can be seen on the left, used to provide Internet. Teemu SM0W at the second (spotting station) K3 used during the OJ0R IOTA Contest operation.
Don G3XTT operating OJ0R during the IOTA Contest. There were two K3s in operation at OJ0R. This is the 'run' station. The 23km sea crossing from Northern end of the island of Singö on SM0 was made in this small vessel.
The plaque on Market shows clearly how the SM - OH border winds carefully around the lighthouse and across the island. Don G3XTT and Tore SM0T loading the equipment on board ready for the departure back to SM0.
Teemu SM0W keeps an eye on Tore SM0T (SM0DZB) while he's operating the contest! Meals are served at regular times by the Finnish Lighthouse Society volunteers. The magnificent sea view from the OJ0R shack on Market Reef during IOTA 2012.
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