OH10X : Inakari : EU192 : First IOTA activation : Feb 2019
The journey to Inakari (EU-192) was by snow-mobile across the frozen sea in the Bothnian Bay, Lapland, northern Finland.
A remote and deserted fisherman's refuge on Inakari was the location of the OH10X EU-192 IOTA activation. The four operators (OH2BH, OH2GEK, PG5M and G3TXF) made the crossing in a pod, towed by a snow-mobile.
Looking into the OH10X shack at night.
Niko OH2GEK has warming refreshment.
Gerben PG5M installs 40m antenna.
A drone's view of Inakari surrounded by the frozen sea.
Martti OH2BH, Nigel G3TXF, Niko OH2GEK and Gerben PG5M.
Two Honda EU20i generators purred away effortlessly.
Martti OH2BH runs a big pile-up of OH stations on 80m SSB.
There was plenty of dramatic Arctic lighting on Inakari.
Pouring hot water to unfreeze the 40m vertical pole.
Arriving at Kemi airport in -22c : OH2GEK, OH2BH and PG5M.
"Landing" by snow-mobile convoy on Inakari Island (EU-192)
Frozen antennas at OH10X.
Niko OH2GEK operating one of the two stations at OH10X
Gerben PG5M leaves the pod after returning to the mainland.
Gerben PG5M operating a K3S and an SPE 1.3k amplifier.
The ever-reliable Win-Test was used for logging at OH10X.
By magic, our host Arto conjured up an amazing meal!
Aaro OH9RJ comes across from the mainland to visit us.
Martti OH2BH ready for the snow-mobile journey back home.
Back on dry land : G3TXF, PG5M, OH2GEK and OH2BH.
The scenery on Inakari (EU-192) was a winter wonderland!
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