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Helsinki - Vantaa : 13 February 2016

Chilly and bleak February weather in Helsinki outside.... ...but David G3WGN, Chris G3SVL, Ian G3WVG, Dennis F5VHY (G3MXJ), Don G3BJ and Justin G4TSH keep warm inside.
Olli OH0XX opens the well attended 2016 OH DX and Contesting Meeting. There were about 80 present, including eight Gs. Matti OH7SV gives an excellent presentation on a problem common to nearly all Radio Amateurs : Local Noise Sources
Christian DL1MGB gave a presentation on WRTC 2018 planning. Kim OH6KZP describes operating strategies in the SAC Contest.
Christian DL1MGB (WRTC 2018) with Matti OH7SV's noise searching receiver. David G3WGN at the Contest Club Finland (CCF) OH DX & Contesting Meeting Dinner. Chris G3SVL puts Euro note into Christian DL1MGB's WRTC 2018 collection jar.
Pertti OG2M and Ian G3WVG Don G3BJ, Justin G4TSH, Chris G3SVL, David G3WGN and Ian G3WVG.
The dinner at the CCF 2016 OH DX & Contesting meeting at the Sokos Hotel in Vantaa. Dennis F5VHY (G3MXJ), Don G3BJ and Justin G4TSH at the Saturday evening dinner.
Top contester Ville OH2MM (PY2ZEA) with Justin G4TSH, Ian G3WVG and Olof G0CKV (SM0CKV). After a series of lucky guesses Nigel G3TXF is the unexpected winner of the DX Quiz at the 2016 OH DX & Contest Meeting!
Visiting Jari OH3BU's QTH in Espoo. Nigel G3TXF makes a few CW QSOs as OH/G3TXF for a new-one for DXFC-QRV. Jari OH3BU shows his tower and 160m/80m antenna set-up to David G3WGN.
Jari OH3BU at his home station in Espoo. David G3WGN logs a few QSOs as OH/G3WGN from Jari OH3BU's station.
Ian G3WVG texts Jack G8DX and Steve GW4BLE to get them on the air to work some rare OHs! David G3WGN and Ian G3WVG at Helsinki airport, which was close to the Vantaa venue of the 2016 OH DX & Contest Meeting.
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