Montenegro DX Festival - 4O3T - July/August 2006

Over thirty DX-operators were involved with the 4O3T operation during late July and August 2006. This photo-report covers just some who were present at the three different 4O3T sites in Montenegro between Wed 2 Aug and Sun 6 Aug 2006.

Five 4O3T ops at the Klinci site with a new Yeasu FT-2000 : Pekka OH2TA, Pertti OH2RF, Bob N6OX, Rich K2WR and Nigel G3TXF. Bob N6OX co-ordinating the day's operating schedule between the three separate sites that made up the 4O3T operation.
Toma YU1AB operates 4O3T on 20m SSB with an FT-1000 at the main YT6A mountain-top contest location at Obosnik.
The journey up to the mountain-top Obostnik location of the YT6A contest station includes a 40-minute bone-shaking Land Rover ride.
The main HF location for the 4O3T operation was Ranko YT6A's mountain-top contest station at Obostnik which has multple towers with various stacks (15m and 20m) and other HF antennas. The neighbouring mast (right) includes FM broadcast, cellular and microwave.
Four 4O3T ops look on while Pekka OH2TA rotates an HF beam at the Klinci site by the "armstrong" method. The IARU flag flies at the 4O3T Klinci military camp site, which also has its own ever vigilant Alsatian guard-dog. HF and 6m beams at the 4O3T Klinci site. The beams are rotated manually.
Pertti OH2RF operates a new Yeasu FT-2000 together with an ACOM 1010 amplifier at the 4O3T Klinci site in an old military camp which dates back to the Austro-Hungarian empire. Pekka OH2TA, Bob N6OX, Rich K2WR and Pertti OH2RF at breakfast after the two Finns had been operating all night on 80m and 160m from the magnificent 4O3T coast-station site at Bar.
Anthony (G-SWL), Bob N6OX, Ranko YT6A, Rich K2WR and Dave K1ZZ taking a break in Tivat. Dave K1ZZ had been at the Montenegro DX Festival from the start and was QRV on 80m/160m. Pekka OH2TA operates an Icom radio and Titan amplifier at one of the two stations at the Klinci 4O3T site. Note the army style bunks! The antenna was a 2-el SteppIR beam.
The journey to the main 4O3T sites involved taking a ferry across the water at Tivat. Although the crossing was no more than 10min, the wait in the traffic queue could be over an hour. Many 4O3T operators stayed in the modern appartments at the Villa Briv on the water's edge. There was also good accommodation up at the YT6A Obosnik contest location.
Bob N6OX, Nigel G3TXF and Karel ON5TN on the roof of the YT6A Obosnik contest station with the town of Tivat visible on the lakeside some 1,600m below. 3Y0X Peter 1 DX-Peditioner Bob N6OX was coordinating 4O3T site operations and transport logistics during our early August visit - together with his green "SKY Communications" van!
Anton ON6NL, Luc ON4IA, Toma YU1AB and Ranko YT6A at the Obostnik contest location which was the main centre of HF operations for the 4O3T Montenegro DX Festival. Darko T95A operating 4O3T on 15m CW at one of the two main operating positions at the Obostnik contest site. G3TXF's ever faithful ETM-9 keyer can be seen on the operating desk.
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