CQWW CW Contest - November 2007
IOTA : EU-012 - WAB : HU27
Eshaness Lighthouse : SCO-075

MZ5B - Shetland

The Eshaness Lighthouse with the antennas used by MZ5B (80m) and MZ5A (10m) for CQWW CW Contest 2007. Ian G3WVG (MZ5B - 80m) and Steve GW4BLE (MZ5A - 10m) at the Eshaness lighthouse in Shetland.
Ian G3WVG at the MZ5B 80m single-op single-band (SOSB) station during the CQWW CW Contest 2007. Meeting the Eshaness locals : Peter MM5PSL, Hans MM0XAU, Ian G3WVG and Steve GW4BLE keeping out of the wind
Strong Gale (9) and Storm force (10) winds occured during the 2007 CQWW CW MZ5B operation from the Eshaness lighthouse.

The location is excellent for radio, being very quiet electrically and providing a dramatic sea take off from the top of a high cliff.

However the high winds can be severe at this remote location on the west coast of Shetland's main island.

Keeping any radio antenna in the air is a major challenge in these Shetland gales.

Steve GW4BLE operating MZ5A on 10m
The 45ft fibreglass pole supporting the 80m dipole takes a pounding during the gales.
Ian G3WVG at the base of the fibreglass pole used for an 80m dipole. There was also an HF2V as an 80m vertical at MZ5B.
Picture of the Eshaness Lighthouse taken by Hans MM0XAU. Two small figures can just be seen working outside on the antennas.
QSLs for MZ5A - MZ5B - via G3TXF:

73 - Ian G3WVG

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