CQWW CW 2015 : Shetland : MZ5A 40m SOSB --- MZ5B 20m SOSB

The Eshaness Lighthouse in Shetland was the location of two CQWW CW 2015 entries : MZ5A on 40m and MZ5B on 20m. The Eshaness Lighthouse provides spectacular sea views as well as an excellent (but highly windy and exposed) contest location.
MZ5A's 40m vertical at sunrise on the Monday morning after CQWW CW 2015. Two permanent poles at the Eshaness Lighthouse. One was used for a 40m dipole. MZ5B's simple 20m vertical dipole, strapped to a fence post by the Eshaness Lighthouse.
Ian G3WVG inspects the remains of the 160m vertical which collapsed in the winds early on Friday morning before CQWW CW. The 160m vertical smashed into several pieces. It was replaced by a vertical for 40m, but using the extensive 160m earth mat.
Ian G3WVG operates MZ5A on 40m with an Elecraft K3 and an Acom amp into a vertical with about 40 one-wavelength radials. Nigel G3TXF operates MZ5B on 20m with an Elecraft K3S and an old Alpha amp into a simple 20m vertical dipole at ground level.
MZ5A's 40m vertical with large earth mat in front of the Eshaness Lighthouse. MZ5B's 20m vertical dipole is just visible on left. A horizontal 20m dipole was installed at the cliff edge about 120ft above the sea as a second antenna for MZ5B.
Ian G3WVG loads car with two stations (and two complete standby stations!) ready for the drive to Aberdeen and ferry to Shetland. The Eshaness Lighthouse on Shetland has been the site of several radio operations, but usually in the summer and not in the winter!
Ian G3WVG packing up after CQWW CW ready for the ferry and long drive home.
40m vertical for MZ5A with about forty one-wavelength radials.
40m dipole for MZ5A on one of the two Eshaness masts (one with a halyard).
Ian G3WVG at a bay near the Eshaness Lighthouse on Shetland. Ian G3WVG assembling an antenna by the Eshaness Lighthouse.
MZ5A Single Op Single Band : 40m
MZ5B Single Op Single Band : 20m
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