IOTA Contest : 27- 28 July 2013
IOTA : EU-012 - WAB : HU42

MZ5A - Shetland

Ian G3WVG and Nigel G3TXF operated the 2013 IOTA Contest as MZ5A from Shetland (EU-012).

This was Ian G3WVG's sixth operation from Shetland. As usual the weather played a major role.

Our Friday flight from Aberdeen to Sumburgh was cancelled due to fog. Passengers were transferred to an already over-crowded ferry. No cabins or reclining seats were available, just the floor to sleep on for the 12-hour overnight crossing. Not a good start to a contest!

The two operators finally arrived at their IOTA Contest location with less than four hours to install all the antennas for five bands (inc a λ/4 vertical for 80m) and then set up the two stations before the start of the contest.

The two ops then just kept going for the full 24-hours of the contest, handing out MZ5A QSOs and the EU-012 Shetland Multiplier.

QSLs for
MZ5A - via G3TXF
Dense summer fog in Shetland caused the cancellation of all flights to Sumburgh on the Friday before the 2013 IOTA Contest.
Ian G3WVG takes an unexpected ride on the overnight ferry from Aberdeen to Lerwick. No-where to sleep other than on the floor! The overnight Northlink ferry from Aberdeen arrives at the harbour in a foggy Lerwick, the main town on Shetland.
Thanks to the fog delays, the MZ5A operators arrived with less than four hours to install all the antennas and set up the two stations. Vertical antennas for 10m, 20m and 40m quickly installed at MZ5A just prior to the start of the 2013 IOTA Contest.
The 80m λ/4 vertical was installed in an area next to the cottage rented for MZ5A. A 10m vertical dipole was installed before the Contest, but MZ5A made no QSOs on 10m! The 20m antenna was a simple vertical dipole supported by a 10m fibreglass pole.
After the contest Hans GM4SSA helps out by taking away some of the heavier equipment boxes. The first glimpse of the sun was on the flight back from Sumburgh to Aberdeen, a few hours after the end of the 2013 IOTA Contest.
De-rigging the station (TS-590s and Alpha 91b amp) at MZ5A after the 24-hour contest. Hans GM4SSA with a ski-bag full of cables and station accessories. A tired G3WVG arrives back at Aberdeen after two consecutive nights without sleep.
This Loganair Saab 340 G-LGNE transported G3TXF and G3WVG from a damp, wet, windy and misty Shetland back to Aberdeen. An MZ5A QSL from an earlier Shetland operation by Ian G3WVG for CQWW CW in November 2006.
Nigel G3TXF operating one (TS590s + THP 550X amp) of the two stations at MZ5A. Nigel G3TXF waiting at Aberdeen airport for a non-existant flight to Shetland for the 2013 IOTA Contest.
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