MW5B CQWW CW 2010 - 80m Single Band - WAB SM72 - Grid IO71jw
MW5B QSO Progress : ...... 0800hr Sat : 1,030Q : 97c : 23z 0800hr Sun : 2,204Q : 121c :27z : 2400hr Sun : 2,795Q : 125c : 31z
Ian G3WVG is operating the 2010 CQWW CW Contest single band 80m as MW5B in the far west of Wales close to the Pembrokeshire coast. The antenna is a λ/4 vertical with loads of radials, together with a North-West Beverage for receive. The QTH is at the Pembrokeshire Sheepdogs farm in Tremynydd Fach.
There are many sheep in Wales. Hence the need for sheepdogs! Spiderbeam pole, with a wire extension, is used as a quarterwave vertical on 80m. Swivvel foot arrangement for the one-man installation of the 80m vertical at MW5B. A large number of radials were used, as well as a coaxial T-matching system.
2,795 QSOs on 80m
Single-Operator entries, even on a single band, can be a tiring experience during a 48-hour CQ WW Contest. MW5B reports that this was his last available can of Red Bull!
The 80m vertical at MW5B with the Irish Sea off the Pembrokeshire coast in the background.