MW5A - CQWW CW Contest 2005
See MW5A Operation in 2003
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Ian G3WVG, who has operated as MW5A in CQWW CW for four consecutive years (2002 - 2005), seen here having a tea-break during the 2005 Contest.

Over 16,000 QSOs have been made with the callsign MW5A in just eight days of operating.

The 60ft Versatower at Steve GW4BLE's South Wales QTH supports a 2el 40m Cushcraft beam as well as a TH7, various LF wires and a tri-band yagi fixed on the USA.

The QTH is excellent towards the USA.

Although the plot size is relatively small, Steve GW4BLE's QTH is almost certainly the highest performing UK station in terms of "CQ WW contest results per square metre of garden"!

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