LY/G3SXW - LY/G3TXF - A flying visit to Kaunas, Lithuania - Apr 07
Members of the Kaunas University of Technology Radio Club (LY7A) : LY2PU, LY2JI, LY2NK, LY3ZM, LY2OU, LY2FN, LY1BX, LY3BA, LY3BB, LY3W, LY4Y, LY4L and LY2PX. Gedas LY3BA (LY9A), Roger G3SXW and Jonas LY4T (LY3BU) visiting the old centre of Kaunas, the second city in Lithuania. Several interesting historical sites were visited around Kaunas.
Roger G3SXW, Arvydas LY3O (ex-UP2BBT, UP3BO, LY3BO), Gedas LY3BA and Jonas LY4T on the roof of Kaunas cathedral. Nigel G3TXF, Roger G3SXW with Willy LY2PX at the war memorial in the centre of Kaunas.
Jonas LY4T, Nigel G3TXF, Roger G3SXW and Gedas LY3BA meet a Nordic god. 3-el 40m beam at the LY7A contest station on the outskirts of Kaunas. Gedas LY3BA climbs a pole to take an aerial photo of the visitors at LY7A.
Rimas LY3W (ex-calls UP2BMT, UP3BW, LY3BW) with his 3-el Stepp-IR beam on top of a block of flats at 43m above street level. Vladas LY1BX at 88 years old is the oldest active Radio Amateur in Lithuania. His LY1BX callsign was first issued in 1938.
CQ Contest Hall-of-Fame Members Algis LY2NK and Roger G3SXW at the LY7A club meeting room in Kaunas. Gedas LY3BA at the 20m operating position at the LY7A contest station. The receiver is an ex-Russian navy unit.
Roger G3SXW runs a small pile-up as LY/G3SXW at the 20m position at the LY7A contest station. Gedas LY3BA with a souvenir call-sign plaque from the Lithuanian Contesters DX-pedition to Georgia (RF3V) in 1985.
A glowing pair of 813s in one of the many single-band amplifiers at the large multi-shack contest station LY7A near Kaunas. Nigel G3TXF, Algis LY2NK, Jonas LY4T, Roger G3SXW, Willy LY2PX, Richard LY2FN and Kestas LYR-346 at LY7A. Rolandas LY3ZM and Vladas LY1BX with the impressive contest trophy cabinet in the LY7A radio club meeting room.
The impressive antenna farm at LY7A includes an array of three switchable beams for 20m as well as several beams for 10m, 15m and 40m. There are also dipoles for 80m and 160m. Roger G3SXW and Nigel G3TXF studying one of the many transmitter units at LY7A. There are no transistors in any of the RXs or TXs at LY7A. Everything uses valves - including many 813 PAs.
One of the many trophies and plaques on display at the LY2ZO - LY7A club meeting room. Previous callsigns of the club were UP2KNP, UK2PAF, UK2PCR, and UP1BZO. This EU-DX-D award is for when the Kaunas club used the call UK2PCR. Jonas LY4T and Gedas LY3BA kindly provided transport for G3SXW and G3TXF during their brief, but interesting, one-day visit to Kaunas in Lithuania, where they met with about twenty LY DXers and Contesters and visited the world famous contest station LY7A.
Nigel G3TXF operated briefly as LY/G3TXF at the 40m position at the LY7A contest station. [Photo: tnx LY2FN] Jonas LY4T, Willy LY2PX, Rimas LY3W, Roger G3SXW and Nigel G3TXF during their tour of Kaunas. [Photo: tnx LY3BA]
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