Finnish-Soviet Hamvention Leningrad - 1989
The Leningrad USSR-Finnish International Hamvention pennant As well as the main 4L1FS station at the convention, there was also a field station. Delegate badge : only two UK delegates present: Ian G3WVG and Nigel G3TXF.
4L1FS was the special call used at the 1989 Finnish-Soviet International Hamvention in Leningrad. A coach brought the large Finnish delegation (together with a few other non-OH DXers) from Helsinki to Leningrad for the Hamvention.
Bob K3EST (Mr CQWW Contest) up on stage with UA1DJ taking part in the formal ceremonies at the 1989 Leningrad Hamvention. "Now look Bob, this is the way things were in the old days..." Willy UA9BA (formerly of UK9AAN/UZ9AYA) talks to Bob K3EST.
Gene N2AA at the Friendship Tours sign. Gene was one of four US delegates - others were Bob K3EST, Jim K7GE and Tony N7BG. Pekka OH1RY operating the special event Leningrad Hamvention callsign 4L1FS.
Helen RB5WA and Victor UB5WE (daughter-in-law + son of Vlad UB5WF/U5WF) with UA9MAR. Jim K7GE is in the background.
Sergey RA9UR with Ian G3WVG.
A group including Alex UB5KW (UT5KW), Victor UB5WE, Helen RB5WA and Nick UB5UT. Can anyone identify the others? Two delegates from Estonia Alex RR2RU and Serge RR2RW. .....What are their current ES calls?
Nick RT4UA (ex-UT4UC, now UX4UA) Willie UA9CBO and Nigel G3TXF Ian G3WVG together with a young delegate in Red Army uniform -- Oleg UI8BBN
Nick RT4UA (now UX4UA), Nigel G3TXF and Valery RC2OG (now EW8OG) together with several bottles on the dinner table. The 4L1FS field-day style station at the Leningrad Hamvention.
Nigel G3TXF with UI8BBN and Ian G3WVG Oleg UA3TT with Ian G3WVG.
Victor UA4HBW, Andy UA1AAH and George UY5XE Yuri UA9SA and Willy UA9BA (and Igor UT4UX grinning at the right!)
Nick UB5UT (now UT5UT), Helen RB5WA (now UR5WA), Bob K3EST (and still K3EST!), Alexey UB5EDU (now UR5EDU) Konstantin UI8ZAC with Ian G3WVG.
Sasha UJ8JJ (now EY8JJ) and Igor UT4UX. Igor UT4UX and Alex UJ8JCQ (now EY8CQ).
Igor UT4UX, Sasha UJ8JJ (now EY8JJ) and Tony N7BG with Jim K7GE and XYL Christina visible in the back-ground. The UJ8 welcoming committee : Sasha UJ8JJ (now EY8JJ), Alex UJ8JCQ (now EY8CQ) and Serge UJ8JW (now EY8JW).
Nigel G3TXF and Alex UJ8JCQ (now EY8CQ) at the front entrance to the Finnish-Soviet (4L1FS) Hamvention centre. G3WVG (front) with UA3TT, RT4UA, UJ8JJ. (back) : UI8ZAC, ?, UA4HBW, UR2RIY (ES4RX), ?, ?, UB5UN (UR5UN), ?, ?, and ?.
Ian G3WVG and Tony N7BG check out the local booze shop. Ian G3WVG on the bus, with Tony N7BG, Gene N2AA, Bob K3EST, Jim K7GE (and XYL Christina) all seated behind.
Ian G3WVG with Vlad UV9FM. The Leningrad Yacht Club was the venue for the group photo.
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Two Alex's: RA2FB and UA9MJW