LA/G0AAA and LA/G3TXF : IOTA Contest 2016 : Ops G3WVG and G3TXF : EU-76
Ian G3WVG (LA/G0AAA) and Nigel G3TXF (LA/G3TXF) operated in the 2016 IOTA Contest from Værøy in the Lofoten Islands : EU-076. They flew to Oslo/Bodø, and then took the six hour ferry ride across from Bodø to Værøy. Værøy (which at 68 degrees North is just above the Arctic Circle) is the second most westerly of the Lofoten islands.
QSLs (either Direct or Bureau) only via Club Log's OQRS : LA/G0AAA and LA/G3TXF
Ian G3WVG waits in Bodø for the ferry to Værøy. Arriving in Værøy in the late evening. Still plenty of light.
Ian G3WVG works on the 80m vertical antenna. Nigel G3TXF at the entrance to the Værøy Brygge (wharf).
Værøy is the largest fishing village in the Lofoten Islands. Base of 40m vertical (28 radials) with clear sea-shot to South.
Beer and Fish & Chips. Everything is expensive in Norway! Nigel G3TXF with the shared K3/KPA500 station.
In summer the ferry from Bodø calls into Værøy twice a day. Ian G3WVG operating LA/G0AAA at local mid-night.
The old light-house on Værøy ... that would be a great QTH! Ian G3WVG with Paul the owner of Værøy Brygge.
Looking North on Værøy island at around midnight. Værøy Brygge has five nice cabins as well as several rooms.
Ian G3WVG with the eight items of IOTA Contest luggage taken to Værøy island. The ferry to/from Værøy was virtually empty. Ski-bags were used for antennas. Strange mural in Bodø.