JW/G3SXW - JW/G3TXF - Svalbard - 78°N
Roger G3SXW and Nigel G3TXF made 2,100 CW QSOs as JW/G3SXW and JW/G3TXF from Spitsbergen in Svalbard during 3½ days in early November 2007. HF radio conditions from 78°N can be really difficult. Operation was from the JW5E Longyearbyen club-station - Tnx to Mathias JW5NM ! - QSLs via home-calls.
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The main island in Svalbard (JW) is Spitsbergen at 78°N. The capital Longyearbyen is on an inlet off the Isfjorden. Nigel JW/G3TXF standing at the icy water's edge just behind the JW5E club-station, showing the take-off to the East / South East.
Roger JW/G3SXW and Nigel JW/G3TXF outside the front door of the JW5E club-station in Longyearbyen. View to the North across the inlet from the JW5E club-station.
The moon in the sky above part of Longyearbyen the capital of Svalbard with the take-off from JW5E to the South-West. SAS Braathens flight takes 1½ hours to fly from Tromsø in Northern Norway north to the Norwegian dependency Svalbard (JW).
Roger G3SXW operating as JW/G3SXW in the JW5E shack. Roger's K2 is in the front of the other radios used at JW5E. Roger G3SXW pretends to be shovelling snow outside the JW5E shack in Longyearbyen!
The view to the South-East from the JW5E shack in Longyearbyen along the ice covered inlet at midday in early November. Roger G3SXW presents Mathias JW5NM with a copy of "Contesting in Africa" -- a suitable title for JW at 78 deg North?
The 30m tower with 5-el HF beam at the water's edge just behind the JW5E shack. Roger G3SXW with the JW5E tower and the midday sky in the background. Several wire antennas hang off the 30m tower including 40m and 80m antennas.
Mathias JW5NM, XYL Inger-Maria JW8KT and son Inge-Mathias at Longyearbyen airport (LYR). Rag LA5HE has been a regular visitor as JW5HE as evidenced by both his Alpha amplifier in the shack and his boots on the floor.
Nigel JW/G3TXF operating at the JW5E club-station. Both stations operated barefoot despite there being several amps in the shack. The grey-line in Win-Test shows that the sun never breaks above the horizon in JW in early November. By Nov 14 it is 100% dark.
Mathias JW5NM and Roger G3SXW study a Svalbard guide-book, while Svalbard's Governor [JW1?] sits at the table behind. The best take-off from the JW5E shack is towards the US (north-west) which is flat along the icy inlet and out to the main fjord.
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