J79XF - Commonwealth Contest 2016 : Dominica
Nigel G3TXF operated the 2016 Commonwealth Contest (BERU) as J79XF from the Sea Cliff Cottages and Calibishie Cove on Dominica. This was the tenth DX-trip made specifically to take part in the RSGB's Commonweath Contest.

Previous BERU operations by G3TXF were V5/G3TXF (2015), ZF2XF (2014), ZF2XF (2013), ZD7XF (2012), VP2MXF (2011), 6Y8XF (2009), VQ5XF (2008), V25XF (2007) and VP2EN (2003). Here is a multi-year BERU score summary.

For details on the Commonwealth Contest (BERU) see Bob G3PJT's Commonwealth Contest website.
Nigel G3TXF operating the 2016 Commonwealth Contest as J79XF from the Sea Cliff Cottages near Calibishie on Dominica. Simple dipole antennas at the smallest of the five Sea Cliff Cottages, regularly used by visiting DXpeditions to Dominica.
Calibishie is on the North-East coast and provides an excellent take-off to Europe, Africa and long-path Japan. There are five cottages at the Sea Cliff Cottages, several of which have been rented out by visiting DXpeditioners and contesters.
Change QTH: During the 24-hour Commonwealth Contest J79XF moved to the Calibishie Cove for a better shot at Europe on 80m! Brian K1LI, who has operated many times from J7, visits the J79XF set up (30m vertical dipole high above sea) at the Calibishie Cove.
Heavy rains during our stay (and yes, it was supposedly the "dry season") did not augur well for the departure.... ....because the small airport on Dominica (DOM) was flooded out on the day of our planned departure, and the trip was delayed by a day.
Mr George James at the Amateur Radio friendly NTRC in Roseau issues licences to Amateur Radio operators visiting Dominica. Small Dash-8 planes usually fly from Dominica to Antigua, but LIAT sent a larger ATR-72 to collect two days' worth of passengers.
On the way home from Dominica : visiting Lot DJ7ZG and Babs DL7AFS operating as V21ZG from Antigua. Lot DJ7ZG demonstrates how bands are easily changed on their simple but effective multi-band dipole for DX-peditions.
Babs DL7AFS uses a multi-band dipole antenna supported by a boat in the garden. Babs DL7AFS and Lot DJ7ZG have operated as V21ZG on many occasions. Part of the huge antenna farm at the V26B rent-a-shack contest station in Antigua.
Nigel G3TXF and Anneliese drop in on German DX-peditioners Babs DL7AFS and Lot DJ7ZG during their V21ZG operation. The Antiguan rent-a-shack station is heard in most major contests. G3TXF (V25XF) used it for the Commonwealth Contest in 2007.
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