J3G - CQ WW CW 2000 - Grenada
The special call J3G was issued to Dave G3TBK.

The call was first used for the CQ WW CW Contest in November 2000.

Ian G3WVG and Nigel G3TXF joined Dave G3TBK for a multi-single operation from the top of St Catherine's hill, the highest point on Grenada.

A total of 5,111 QSOs were made during the 48 hour contest. The J3G station was two Kenwood TS570's, one IC706 Mk II, two small Ameritron 811 linears, an A3S HF beam at about 10ft above the ground and an R-7000 vertical standing on the ground. Three LF dipoles (40m, 80m and 160m) were strung off the microwave tower.

Thanks are due to Cable & Wireless for giving us access to their mountain-top microwave station.

Thanks also to Marconi rigger Ian for helping with the antenna installation.

The "three G" operators at J3G for CQ WW CW 2000:

Ian G3WVG, Dave G3TBK (J3G licence holder) and Nigel G3TXF.

Dave G3TBK and Ian G3WVG operating J3G from (the kitchen area of the!) the C&W microwave station on the highest point in Grenada.
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