H44SX - H44VG - H44XF

Solomon Islands - May 91

Roger G3SXW, Ian G3WVG and Nigel G3TXF operated as H44SX, H44VG and H44XF from Honiara in May 91. This was a three-man CW only operation. 23,378 CW QSOs were made during the one week.

Peter H44KA of Solomon Telekom was key to the success of the operation because, through Peter, we were able to operate from a disused HF telecom station on Vivaya Ridge perched above the capital Honiara. Peter H44KA also helped with the installation of the HF beams and with providing support during our brief visit to Honiara. Thanks Peter!

The H44 team flew from London to Brisbane and then to Honiara Ian G3WVG (H44VG) and Roger G3SXW (H44SX) in Honiara.
H44SX and H44VG running CW pile-ups. Peter H44KA puts up the HF beam Ian H44VG turns on much needed aircon
Roger H44SX and Ian H44VG at the Honiara Hotel Ian G3WVG collects his new H44VG licence at the Ministry.
H44VG runs pile-ups with one of the three HF CW stations. Peter H44KA coming down the huge tower on Vivaya Ridge
Nigel G3TXF collects his H44XF licence from the Ministry. Low A3WS WARC-Band beam, but with excellent sea view to North
Nigel G3TXF also operated briefly from Honiara as H44XF during a holiday visit in July 1995.

The visit coincided with the 1995 IOTA Contest.

A CW-only entry was made from OC-047 Guadalcanal.

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