GM4S : Papa Stour : Shetland : EU-012 : RSGB IOTA Contest 2015 : GM4S QSL Request

Ian G3WVG and Nigel G3TXF made 2,300 QSOs operating as GM4S during the 2015 RSGB IOTA Contest from the small island of Papa Stour which lies off Mainland, Shetland (EU-012). Prior to the IOTA Contest a few QSOs were made as GS0AAA.

Ian G3WVG operates the 'run-station' (Elecraft K3 and KPA-500) at the GM4S Multi-Op entry in the 2015 IOTA Contest. Nigel G3TXF operates the IOTA Contest 'multiplier-hunting station' (Elecraft K3s and KPA-500) at GM4S.
The small island of Papa Stour is served by a ferry from West Burrafirth on Mainland. The ferry ride takes about 40 minutes. The 60 deg North latitude line cuts through Shetland. Local radio propagation is significantly impacted by the Aurora.
The small drive-on drive-off ferry to Papa Stour takes a maximum of about four cars. Ian G3WVG drove up to Aberdeen (with all the radio gear) to take the ferry to Shetland while Nigel G3TXF flew direct.
The 15m and 40m antennas at GM4S. There were five separate antennas for this IOTA DX-pedition operation. 20m vertical with elevated radials was mounted with a clear view in all directions. Foula can just be seen in distance.
Al fresco dining at GM4S: While the rest of the UK suffered miserable weather, Shetland had warm summer sunshine. The rented cottage on Papa Stour used as the location of the GM4S 2015 IOTA Contest operation by G3WVG and G3TXF.
Hans DJ6AU (also long time Shetland resident MM0XAU) takes the ferry across to visit the GM4S shack on Papa Stour. Distant view of the East Billings rental cottage used by GM4S. Photo by Hans DJ6AU / MM0XAU while on walk round island.
Nigel G3TXF with the 40m antenna. The tiny island in the background is the self proclaimed Sovereign State of Forvik. Ian G3WVG, Hans DJ6AU / MM0XAU and Nigel G3TXF meet up for dinner in the Shetland Hotel after the 2015 IOTA Contest.
While driving through Lerwick we passed the QTH of GM4S's one and only IOTA Contest QSO on 10m : Tommy GM4LER. Ian G3WVG checks the large amount of cables in the roof carrier box before setting off for the ferry back to Aberdeen.
The Shetlands Island Council ferry "Snolda" supports the small community of about twenty residents on Papa Stour. The ferry to Papa Stour departs from the small harbour at West Burrafirth on the west coast of Mainland, Shetland.
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