GH4FOC - An FOC CW Operation from Jersey : 10-12 May 2013
Roger G3SXW and Nigel G3TXF made 3,720 QSOs operating the FOC Club Callsign GH4FOC from Jersey (GJ) for three days from Friday 10 May to Sunday 12 May 2013.

GH4FOC operation was part of the month-long (May 2013) 75th anniversary celebration activity being organised by the FOC First Class CW Operators' Club.

The QSL Manager for GH4FOC is Phil G3SWH.

During the weekend there was also some CW operation (1,100 QSOs) as GJ3TXF. QSLing for GJ3TXF is via G3TXF.

All logs will be up-loaded to both Club Log and LoTW.

The GH4FOC operation was near Gorey on the island of Jersey. The Jersey GH (club-call) prefix is not as familiar as the usual GJ. The short flight to Jersey from Gatwick was on BA's 737 with the registration G-DOCW... very appropriate for two of the passengers.
Roger G3SXW operating one of the two CW stations [K2 + K3] used at GH4FOC. Four 10m poles were used to support antennas for 40m/15m, 30m, 20m and 17m. Jersey Amateur Radio Society station (GJ2A) is located in an old war-time tower.
Gorey Castle sits high above the small town and port on the east side of Jersey, within a short distance of the GH4FOC location. Jan MJ3JBQ, Phil GJ4CBQ, Paul MJ0PMA, Mathieu MJ0ASP and Roger G3SXW at the harbour prior to a dinner in Gorey.
Visitors to the two-station GH4FOC shack with Roger G3SXW: Paul MJ0PMA and Mathieu MJ0ASP. Nigel G3TXF assisted Roger G3SXW in operating GH4FOC (3,720 QSOs) and also made 1,100 CW QSOs as GJ3TXF.
The former Haut de la Garenne building which now houses the JAAC hostel is in an excellent location for Amateur Radio. Roger G3SXW boarding the BA 737 back to Gatwick. It was the same G-DOCW as on the way out. "CW" both ways....just perfect!
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