DX-pedition to the Isle of Man for CQ WPX SSB Contest : April 1970

Ian GW3WVG, Ron F5QQ and Nigel G3TXF entered the 1970 WPX Contest as GD3TXF

Ian GW3WVG operating Ron F5QQ's Drake TR4 transceiver with RV-4 remote VFO (and a KW-1000 linear amplifier) during the 1970 CQ-WPX-SSB Contest.
Ian GW3WVG and Ron F5QQ at the Albert Tower near Ramsey, Isle of Man. A TA33jr 3-el tri-band beam was installed on the top of the Tower for the WPX-SSB Contest in April 1970.
Nigel G3TXF poses for photo pretending he's logging something! This was some two decades before computer logging became the norm!
Ron F5QQ, who was GD5APJ at the time, with the TA33jr beam mounted on the Albert Tower for the April 1970 CQ-WPX-SSB Contest.