GC4FOC/p - An FOC CW 75th Anniversary Operation
Holy Island : Ynys Gybi : IOTA EU-124
WAB Area : SH28
Grid : IO73ph
Nigel G3TXF made 4,100 CW QSOs operating the FOC Club Callsign GC4FOC/p for two days from Holy Island (EU-124) off Anglesey.

GC4FOC/p operation was part of the month-long (May 2013) 75th anniversary celebration activity organised by the FOC First Class CW Operators' Club. The QSL Manager for GC4FOC/p is Phil G3SWH. Logs have been up-loaded to both Club Log and LoTW.
Excellent take-off from North through East and South round to the South-West, but the QTH was blocked to the North West/USA. Sunset over the Irish Sea with a silhouette of the RSPB's Ellin's Tower close to the South Stack lighthouse on Holy Island EU-124.
A special series of QSLs is available for contacts with the FOC First Class CW Operators' club 75th Anniversary celebrations. Parked up and ready to go at the EU-124 Holy Island QTH for the two day GC4FOC/p operation.
Four fibre-glass poles were used to support vertical antennas for 40m/15m, 30m, 20m and 17m. A low 80m dipole was added later. The South Stack lighthouse juts out into the Irish Sea. A ferry from Dublin passes on the horizon.
Although the QTH on Holy Island had a good take-off over 270 degrees, the blockage to the NW and the USA can be seen here. There are two road bridges connecting Holy Island to Anglesey. The main one is part of the A55 trunk-road, and this is the smaller one.
The Elecraft K3 (assisted by a small THP HL-550X amplifer) stood up well to the CW pile-ups at GC4FOC/p. Logging was done with the ever-reliable and ever-robust Win Test.
Five-way antenna switch: verticals for 40m (also used on 15m), 30m, 20m and 17m as well as a low dipole for 80m. 10m fibre-glass poles, vertical wire dipoles and many long lengths of 6mm coax make for a flexible installation at temporary locations.
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