Ham Radio 2010 - Friedrichshafen : 24 - 26 June 2010
Two G3Ls (John G3LZQ and Roger G3LQP) prepare to board the ferry across the Bodensee to "Ham Radio" in Friedrichshafen. This year many UK visitors travelled via Zurich, then train/ferry to FN. "Round-table discussion" at Ham-Radio: Jun JH4RHF, Clive GM3POI, Lionel G5LP, Jens DL7AKC, Andy G3AB, Fred G4BWP, Rupert G4XRV, Rob GM3YTS and John G3LZQ.
The early morning queue of DXers at the ARRL stand waiting to submit their latest DXCC cards for checking at "Ham Radio". Regular DXCC card checkers Lionel G5LP and Rob GM3YTS methodically check through the piles of QSLs at "Ham Radio 2010".
Colin G3PSM, Gwen G4JYL and Rich K2WR relaxing at one of the several refreshment areas at Ham Radio 2010. The EU-DX-Foundation was one of the several DX organisations exhibiting at Ham Radio: DF1CB, DJ8NK, DL7AFS and PA1TT.
The Qatar Amateur Radio Society (QARS) stand located next to the RSGB was manned by several A71s. Paul 4X6UU of Global QSL was displaying a range of QSLs in the Israel Amateur Radio Club (IARC) stand.
French DXers Jean-Paul F8BJI, Jacques F6BEE and Dominique F6EPY. Pastis was available on the Clipperton DX Club stand! Two OE9s from Vorarlberg which is "just around the corner" from Friedrichshafen: Peter OE9SLH and Erich OE9SEI.
The Österreichischer Rundfunk stand was once again home to an interesting display from the extensive Dokufunk QSL collection. Eric WA6HHQ shows the latest Elecraft K3 to Rob GM3YTS and to Lionel "oh, but my K3 knobs have just dropped off" G5LP.
Olof G0CKV discusses the latest developments at MicroHAM with the ever helpful Jozef OM7ZZ. Scotland's leading DXer Rob GM3YTS buys a round of beers at the outside Ham Radio beer-tent.
Among the interesting collection of old QSLs on the SSA stand there was an October 1937 G5LP QSL (from G5LP senior). Nigel G0VDZ, Rob GM3YTS, Lionel G5LP and Ian G3YBY study the interesting collection of pre-war G QSLs on the SSA stand.
"Now have I bought enough wire for the radials for my new 40m and 80m four-squares?" ponders Ian G3YBY/F5VKT. Dennis G3MXJ/F5VHY, Ian G3YBY/F5VKT and John G3LZQ relax after a hard day's walking-and-talking at Ham Radio 2010.
Rag LA5HE and Bob W9KNI [author of the recently published "A Year of DX"] swap DXer's tales at the Rad Hotel in Tettnang. The annual "Ham Radio" show in Friedrichshafen, on the Lake of Constance attracts numerous keen DXers in all sizes and shapes.
The flea-market (which was somewhat reduced in size this year) still makes for an interesting stroll, even if you don't buy anything. Mark ON4WW and Roger G3SXW in an intense discussion (about something to do with DXing, no doubt!) on the UBA stand.
Bernie W3UR finally gets the meaning of Rag LA5HE's latest joke! Rag LA5HE is sporting a true DXCC enthusiast's tee-shirt. RSGB Awards Manager John G3LZQ finds much of interest in the pile of pre-war G QSLs on the Swedish SSA stand.
Eric SM6JSM with Hans-Jørgen OZ7BQ who has just found a pre-war QSL from his father Jørgen OZ7BR in the SSA collection. So far the Dokufunk online database appears only to include German, Swiss and Austrian callsigns: hence OE9ZQJ !
Bob W9KNI, Dennis G3MXJ/F5VHY and Ian G3YBY/F5VKT find an "ice-café" is an ideal refreshment after a long day at the show. Waiting for the taxi to the BCC Buffet: Nigel G0VDZ, Rob GM3YTS, Bob W9KNI, Bo F5VCT and Clive GM3POI.
Rob GM3YTS presents George AA7JV and Tomi HA7RY of the TX3A Chesterfields DX-pedition with a GM-DX Quaich trophy.
Big-time contesters Doug K1DG and Dennis G3MXJ/F5VHY meet up at the ever popular Bavarian Contest Club (BCC) buffet.
Orcadian in a large Polish pile-up at BCC Buffet : Rys SP5EWY, Clive GM3POI, Les SP3DOI and Jacek SP5DRH. Perennial globe-trotting DX-peditioner Jan DJ8NK talks to Chris GM3WOJ at the BCC Buffet.
Paired line-up for the eight-team BCC Buffet quiz. "What is this Prefix?" questions included: EC8, S6, H8, LO, C7 and D5. Dieter DL8OH, CQ-WW Contest Director Bob K3EST and xyl Junko. The CQ-WW Committee held a meeting during the show.
Rob GM3YTS, Nigel G0VDZ, Linda KA1ZD, Clive GM3POI and Dave K1ZZ outside Hotel Rad (aka "Schloss FOC") in Tettnang. Sailing across the lake: GM3YTS, GM3POI, W3UR, G0VDZ and G3LQP [with John G4IRN, Janet and Roger G3SXW on far table].
Derek G3KHZ CW op of successful T32CI, T32MI, T32SI, T32VI IOTA DX-pedition. New rules for flea market. This year dealers were banned -- only second-hand allowed! Ham Radio attendance over the years: from 6,400 in 1976 up to 17,000+ recently.
Double-take: Lionel G5LP with a pre-war QSL from his father (the previous G5LP). RSGB: Phil GU0SUP, Colin G3PSM, Chris G0DWV, Nigel G3TXF and Ian G3YBY. Daily DX Editor Bernie W3UR finds the way to "Ham Radio" in Friedrichshafen.
The 40 minute ferry crossing to/from Friedrichshafen is a great way to travel. Nigel G0VDZ on ferry with Friedrichshafen in background. Ready for the train from Romanshorn back to Zurich: GM3YTS, GM3POI, G3LQP, G4IRN, Janet, W3UR, G0VDZ and G3SXW.
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