FK/G3MXJ - FK/G3TXF - Nouméa, New Caledonia
Nigel G3TXF and Dennis F5VHY (G3MXJ) prepare to set off on a three location DX trip in the South Pacific : FK, YJ and VK9N. A two-day operation was made as FK/G3MXJ and FK/G3TXF from the Kuendu Beach resort near Nouméa, New Caledonia.
Dennis F5VHY operating as FK/G3MXJ from one of the six bungalows on over-water stilts at the Kuendu Beach resort. The base of the 30m quarter-wave vertical used by FK/G3TXF was just above the water. This was the perfect take-off!
The 30m vertical was perched on a small pier just beside one of the bungalows on stilts. Europe (SP) is in the direction of the open sea. Magnificent view across Kuendu Bay from the FK/G3TXF operating position. Note the kettle next to the K3. Ideal for making tea!
The 30m vertical was strapped to a post. The five band HF5V was in a similar position. Pacific sunset through the 17/12m antenna.
Unloading the hire car at Nouméa Airport ready for the trip to YJ, following the two-day operation as FK/G3MXJ and FK/G3TXF. Dennis F5VHY (G3MXJ) admiring the view while on a brief visit to downtown Nouméa prior to the departure for Vanuatu (YJ).
Nigel G3TXF with his new K3 transceiver which is already beginning to clock up a good few air miles! Shouldn't all HF verticals be mounted in locations like this?
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