St Barthélémy : Jan/Feb 2008

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The FJ/G3TXF log was uploaded on 4-Apr-08.

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Nigel G3TXF operated from St Barthélémy as FJ/G3TXF for just under six days in late Jan/early Feb 2008 making 8,000 CW QSOs using only three HF bands : 40m (3,800), 30m (2,700) and 17m (1,500). He had previously operated as FJ/G3TXF in Oct 1998.
View to the North from Baie St Jean to Ile Frégate, one of the several off-shore islands around the main island of St Barthélémy. FJ/G3TXF shack: an ancient Kenwood TS-570, Acom 1010 amp, ETM-SQ paddle, Stepp-IR control box, MicroHam and Tosh laptop.
Recent change of status of St Barths from being part of a French overseas department (DOM) into a Collectivité Territoriale The high hill just in front of the touchdown point of the St Barths airport (SBH) runway makes for an interesting final approach.
Car hire is extraordinarily expensive (like everything else on St Barths!) for the short distances covered around the tiny island. View through the cockpit of the spectacular final approach to touch-down on the easterly runway at St Barths airport (SBH).
FJ/G3TXF/m : Small jeep with equipment case (aluminium) for the ACOM amp, ski-bag for the antenna and two other suitcases. Gustavia (the main town of St Barth, named after King Gustav III of Sweden) has a harbour and waterfront.
So how do you spell it? Three variations of acute accents (é) were seen : St Barthélemy, St Barthelémy and St Barthélémy. FJ/G3TXF QSL from the Oct 98 operation -- i.e in the days when FJ was just an adjunct to FS St Martin and not a DXCC entity.
Loading the ski-bag (with the antenna) and luggage onto an ancient Winair Britten Norman Islander PJ-AIW for the flight back to V2. View of the west end St Barths (Colombier beach) when arriving on the short ten-minute commuter flight from neighbouring St Martin.
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