Brief visit to Kishinev, Moldova : ER/G3TXF : June 2015
Nigel G3TXF makes 900 QSOs operating as ER/G3TXF [CEPT] from ER1LW's shack in Kishinev, the capital of Moldova. Top Moldavian DXer Slawa ER1LW with some of his many contest awards on his shack wall.
Flying the flag : Ricardo ER1JA, Slawa ER1LW, Vlad ER3AU, Mike ER1MM, son ER1MM, Peter ER1CS and Alex ER1AA. Dinner with ERs : Mike ER1MM, Valery ER1BF, son ER1MM, Vlad ER3AU, Nigel G3TXF, Ricardo ER1JA and Alex ER1AA.
Valentin ER1AA, Valery ER1BF, Alex ER1AA, Slawa ER1LW and Vlad ER3AU near the central park in Kishinev. Slawa ER1LW's impressive multi-band antennas on the top of a nine storey building.
Valery ER1BF, Vlad ER3AU and Slawa ER1LW with the Moldavian flag. The magic of LoTW ... Vlad ER3AU checks for his QSOs with G3TXF online! ER3AU, ER1JA, ER1MM, G3TXF, ER1LW, ER1AA and ER1CS at the Cathedral.
Slawa ER1LW with his display of CQ Worldwide Contest certificates. Slawa ER1LW's first log-book as RO5OCN (old VHF/10m/160m licence) and UO5OLW. Big signal from Kishinev: Slawa ER1LW.
Several QSOs with Gs can be seen in RO5OCN's log on 10m on 21-Feb-84, including Chas G2SB and Tony G4UZN. Kishinev railway station with a statue from the old USSR days.
Slawa ER1LW with his pal Serge who is the manager of one of the poshest restaurants in Kishinev. Electoral advertising (local elections were soon to be held) lines the road to Kishinev airport.
There are many fine looking orthodox churches in Kishinev. Slawa ER1LW at Kishinev cathedral. The entire city was flattened in WWII. The Jumbo Hotel in Kishinev.
High rise blocks in Kishinev - the capital of Moldova, one of Europe's smaller country, formerly part of the USSR (UO5).
Cellular phone advertising in Kishinev
Trolley buses are everywhere!
Back at the airport after visit to Moldova : the 100th DXCC QRV Country for G3TXF
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