EA9/G3TXF makes 1,000 CW QSOs in a short (less than one day) operation from Melilla : June 2011

30m : 243 Qs, 17m : 520 Qs, 12m : 237 Qs Total = 1,000 QSOs
Melilla is the only one of the two Spanish enclaves on the northern Moroccan coast (= EA9 Ceuta y Melilla) to have an airport. The land border with Morocco is right at the edge of the small Spanish town. The far buildings seen here are already in Morocco.
The 17m wire dipole can just be seen coming from the fifth floor (top) hotel balcony. A chair and table provided a useful support for the WARC band dipole at EA9/G3TXF. The Spanish national and Melilla provincial flags are seen flying everywhere.
The small Icom 7000 radio (left) is dwarfed by the laptop and its external keyboard at EA9/G3TXF. Log is WinTest. Not surprisingly, the style of houses in Melilla is a mix between Southern Spain and Morocco.
The port area in Melilla at night. A large ferry has just arrived. The evening Greyline passes through EA9 Melilla.
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