28th Clipperton DX Club (CDXC) Convention - Arcachon

16 September 2006

John F5VHQ outlines plans for a DX-pedition to Clipperton to celebrate 30 years since the original FO0XA, FO0XB, FO0XC, FO0XD, FO0XE, FO0XF, FO0XG, FO0XH operation in Mar 1978. Five G's attended the 2006 CDXC Convention in Arcachon : Dennis F5VHY (G3MXJ), Martin G3ZAY, Roger G3KMA and Dominic M0BLF, as well as the photo-taker : Nigel G3TXF.
More of the tables during the lunch at the 28th Clipperton DX Club Convention in Arcachon near Bordeaux. The venue of the Clipperton DX Club Convention moves around France each year.
As well as a programme of DX presentations during the afternoon, there was also a sit-down lunch and then a dinner in the evening. There was no shortage of excellent wine at both meals.
Nigel G3TXF flew to Bordeaux to attend the CDXC Convention in Arcachon. Dennis F5VHY provided an excellent transport service between Bordeaux airport and the Arcachon venue!
John F5VHQ and Dennis F5VHY discuss the merits of the French permanent residents' callsign series F5V...
There are a large number of active F5V.. stations.
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