CDXC AGM and Summer Social at G3NUG's Herefordshire QTH : Saturday 20 July 2013
CDXC President and Director of Operations, Neville G3NUG at the 2013 CDXC AGM being held at his Herefordshire QTH. The 2013 CDXC AGM is held al fresco with Secretary Tony G4LDL, Chairman Chris G3SVL and Treasurer Gordon G3USR.
C31XR beam on one of the two G3NUG towers in a field some 350m from the shack Former CDXC Chairman John G3LAS collects a raffle prize in the sunshine. Two crank-up towers in a discretely screened field, away from the neighbours.
CDXC Digest Editor Martyn G3RFX reads out a mystery postcard from an unknown correspondent in Fred's Harbour (Friedrichshafen).
Don G3XTT acts as the inter-regnum chairman at the CDXC AGM, while the Committee is voted back in.
Roger G3KMA announces the IOTA Convention in July 2014. Nobby VK4BUI (furthest travelled attendee) and Chris G3SJJ.
Two top QSL Managers : Charles M0OXO and Tim M0URX. Electric luffing and lifting winches are fitted to both G3NUG towers
Over 100 attended the 2013 CDXC AGM and Summer Social. CDXC delegates sitting out in the sunshine during the Raffle.
Gordon G3USR and Laurie G3UML at the Raffle Prizes table. Choosing their Raffle Prizes : Mike G4IUF and Don G3BJ.
Nick G3RWF looks heartily pleased with his Raffle Prize. Rich G4FAD receives the star-prize of a Yaesu FT-450D transceiver from Paul G3WYW (Yaesu UK).
The two Justins : Justin G0KSC presents a major raffle prize (an Innovantennas 12m/17m beam) to Justin G4TSH. Michael G7VJR delivers QSL mail to the special field postal collection service organised by Charles M0OXO and Tim M0UXR.
Charles M0OXO congratulates Viv G4PLY on his raffle prize of a valuable CDXC mug. John G3PQA collects one of the many prizes to be won in the CDXC Raffle. Tony G0OPB at the 2013 CDXC AGM and Summer Social in Herefordshire.
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