9M0L Layang Layang DX-pedition: April 2012

The 9M0L DX-pedition involved 13 operators as well as a number of supporters. The operation ran for two weeks with different operators travelling out to Layang Layang at different times. These G3TXF photos cover the final week.

Dramatic sunset at the Layang Layang Island Resort, location of the April 2012 9M0L DX-pedition. The 320km flight from Kota Kinabalu (BKI) to Layang Layang island (LAC) takes about 45 minutes in a MAS Wings ATR-72 500.
Yagi JR3WXA (9M8YY) at the early morning departure for the flight from Kota Kinabalu for the short hop out to Layang Layang island. View back towards Sabah and the slopes of Mount Kota Kinabalu, soon after the take-off from BKI on the flight out to Layang Layang.
Neoh 9M2CLN, Yagi JR3WXA, Tack JE1CKA, David 9M2PX, Nigel G3TXF and Tex 9M2TO (9M0L DX-ped organiser). Final week ops: Yutaka JQ2GYU, Tack JE1CKA, Joe JA1LZR, Nigel G3TXF, Takky JE1KUC, Jim 7K4QOK and Yagi JR3WXA.
Three CDXC (UK) Members at 9M0L DX-pedition : Joe JA1LZR, Nigel G3TXF and Yutaka JQ2GYU. Yutaka JQ2GYU and Takky JE1KUC at the April 2012 Layang Layang island 9M0L DX-pedition
Yutaka JQ2GYU, Takky JE1KUC and Joe JA1LZR working on the K9AY RX antenna. Radials connected at the base of the 160m transmit vertical antenna. An 18m spiderbeam pole is used to support the 160m inv-L transmit antenna.
Nigel G3TXF 'operating' at 9M0L Layang Layang. Faked photo? Of course it is, there's no CW key on the table! ATR-72 500 (9M-MWF) lands at Layang Layang to take some 9M0L DX-pedition operators back to Kota Kinabalu.
Yutaka JQ2GYU, Joe JA1LZR, Jim 7K4QOK and Takky JE1KUC ready to depart from Layang Layang back to Kota Kinabalu. Tex 9M2TO and Tack JE1CKA operating two stations on a night shift at 9M0L Layang Layang DX-pedition.
The main feature of Layang Layang Island location of the 9M0L DX-pedition is the 1.4km long runway. A plaque commemorating an earlier DX-pedition (9M6OO in 1997) hangs in the Layang Layang island resort bar.
A small six-metre beam was used to make some 1,950 QSOs on the Magic Band One of the two Spiderbeams seen at sunset on Layang Layang island.. Tack JE1CKA works at dismantling tidily one of the two Spiderbeams.
Empty swimming pool at the resort : all the divers are away diving at sea : all the radio amateurs are busy in the 9M0L shack. Yagi JR3WXA, Tack JE1CKA and Tex 9M2TO get ready to dismantle one of the antennas at the end of the 9M0L operation.
Yagi JR3WXA and Tack JE1CKA at the entrance to the Layang Layang Island Resort - a magnificent location for 9M0L. The last four 9M0L operators ready to leave Layang Layang : Tack JE1CKA, Yagi JR3WXA and Tex 9M2TO (and G3TXF)
A parting view of Layang Layang Island (in the Spratly Group IOTA AS-051), location of the April 2012 9M0L DX-pedition. Tack JE1CKA keeps a close eye on his numerous boxes of antennas as they are loaded onto the 9M-MWC aircraft.
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