9H3SX - 9H3TF - A flying visit to Malta
During a flying visit to Malta in December 2006 Roger G3SXW and Nigel G3TXF operated briefly as 9H3SX and 9H3TF.
Roger G3SXW on the roof of the Preluna Hotel, Sliema. The simple 20m and 30m wire antenna can be seen behind Roger 9H3SX. 9H3SX and 9H3TF QSLs are being printed by Gennady UX5UO.
No laptops here! It was all hand-logging for the few hundred QSOs made by 9H3SX (20m) and 9H3TF (30m). The rig : G3SXW's K2. View from the roof of the Preluna Hotel towards Valletta. The 20m and 30m simple wire antenna can be seen tied to a column.
The roof of the Preluna Hotel provides excellent take-off in many directions. This is towards the North-West and St Julians. The simple 20m/30m dipole was some 60m high with an immediate drop from the Preluna Hotel the roof into the sea towards the East.
A simple centre fed wire dipole for 20m and 30m was used for the short operation by 9H3SX (20m) and 9H3TF (30m) from Sliema. A small passenger ferry connects Sliema (where 9H3SX and 9H3TF operated) with the capital of Malta :Valletta.
The Preluna Hotel is across the road from the sea at Sliema in Malta. It has been the location of several temporary operations.

Roger G3SXW operates as 9H3SX from the Preluna Hotel in Sliema. The temporary shack was a room (1209) on the 12th floor conveniently located just below the terrace on the 13th floor where small antennas can be installed.

This excellent Preluna Hotel QTH had previously been used by John G4IRN operating as 9H3RN during BERU in March 2006.

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