Jamaica - RSGB Commonwealth Contest 2009 : 6Y8XF
Nigel G3TXF made 2,100 CW QSOs operating as 6Y8XF from Jamaica for the 2009 Commonwealth Contest. [945Qs in the contest and 1,155Qs before/after.]

6Y8XF was a guest-op at the huge 6Y1V contest station near Montego Bay. Log-Search here.

Unfortunately power cuts reduced 6Y8XF's BERU contest operating time from the originally planned full 24 hours to about 18 hours!

RSGB Commonwealth Contest :

Details on the RSGB Commonwealth Contest ["BERU"] can be found on Bob G3PJT's BERU website.


The rotating tower with the 20m (6el), 15m (6el) and 10m (7el) stacked monobanders. The two Stepp-IR Monsters can be rotated separately with the O-ring rotators. Stacked 20m-15m-10m monobanders on rotating tower with Mo'bay in the distance
Station resident George 6Y5GR with local Montego Bay radio amateur Colin 6Y5CR at one of the three 6Y1V operating positions. Stacked Monsters are on the left; stack of 20m-15m-10m [6el/7el] monobanders on the right; two of the 80m 4-SQs in foreground.
The Stepp-IR Monsters shown here in parallel, working as a stacked array. The Monsters can be fed separately or in parallel. Shown here in separate directions. View of the O-rings used for the separate rotation of the two Stepp-IR Monsters.
Chad WE9V at one of the three operating positions at the 6Y1V contest site - each position has an Icom 7800 with an Acom amp. The 80m four-square is perched up the hill. Despite the imbalance in the heights, the 4-SQ antenna works well in different directions.
The numerous coax and control cables that run up the hill from the shack to the two towers, the 80m 4-SQ and the 160m antennas. Nigel G3TXF warms up for the 2009 Commonwealth Contest (BERU) by running some general CW pile-ups as 6Y8XF.
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